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a child suffering from ADHD

Every year thousands of parents go through the painful and worrying process of seeing their children get diagnosed with ADHD. They then have to bear the cost of treatment and ADHD medication.

A chronic condition, ADHD can cause increased levels of impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and people suffering with it find it hard to concentrate and pay attention. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 8.4 percent of children in the country are affected by ADHD and this condition can persist well into adulthood if not treated on time.

Keep reading this blog to know all about how patient assistance programs can help make ADHD medication accessible to you.

The High Price of ADHD

Being diagnosed with ADHD can come at a high price. It’s not just the medication that you will have to pay for, but the doctor’s appointments, checkups, and therapy sessions can add up the cost as well.

Even if insurance covers doctor’s appointments and visits, there is a high probability that an individual is underinsured which means that their insurance doesn’t cover medication.

Cost of ADHD Medication

ADHD medication can be very expensive, and it can get difficult to get it refilled every month. On average, a commonly prescribed stimulant medication used to treat ADHD can cost about 202.39 US dollars for a month’s prescription, without insurance.

Even with insurance coverage, some families might find it hard to access these life-changing drugs.

ADHD treatments can last for years, which puts a further strain on patients’ or their parent’s pockets.

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How Can Prescription Assistance Help?

Prescription assistance or Patient Assistance Programs can help provide relief to low-income and uninsured families, who need ADHD medications. Prescription assistance can provide ADHD medication at little to no cost.

An uninsured or underinsured patient can enroll themselves in a good Patient Assistance Program that offers generic and brand-name prescriptions.

There are certain conditions that one must meet before qualifying for prescription assistance. Every program has its own requirements. However, some standard conditions include being a legal and permanent resident of the United States, providing proof of being uninsured or underinsured, and meet certain income requirements.

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