Helping you as a Health Care Provider

Are you a health care provider that would like to provide ongoing supplies of medication throughout the year to your patients without having to provide documentation, talk to doctors, and deal with the hassle? Well, there is good news for you and your patients that need discount medications! Our services are not only for patients looking to receive discounts on medication but for healthcare providers looking for a way to provide medication assistance for patients as well! We will look to match the patient assistance programs that work best for your patients and their medications so that they can receive discounts on needed medicinal treatment all year round. Take the hassle out of patient medication management by letting The RX Helper assist you!

What does this mean for you and your patients?

  • Order, manage, track, and refill your patients’ medications on time every month.
  • Renew your patient’s medications every year.
  • Provide an ongoing supply of their medication coverage.
  • Patients are more compliant with their treatment through medication management programs.
  • You save time for yourself and your staff by removing excess paperwork and research because we do it for you!
  • The Rx Helper allows your office to provide better care with the knowledge that your patients can access their prescribed medications when they need them.

Please visit our Enrollment Page and have your patients start the process today right from their computer!

Have any questions about our health care provider patient assistance program opportunities? Want more information about the services that we provide for health care providers? Call The Rx Helper today at877-767-3297 to receive a free Welcome Packet with additional information for you to have on hand in your office and get your questions answered by an experienced staff member. We look forward to assisting both you and your patients.