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Are you an employer, healthcare provider, broker, or agent who would like to offer individuals with financial medication prescription help? The RX Helper provides a service through patient assistance programs for agencies who would like to help individuals they do business with be able to afford their medication treatments.

Patient assistance programs are offered by nonprofit organizations and major drug manufacturers because they recognize the need for Americans to be able to afford needed medications. There are over 700 patient assistance programs because each one offers help for a specific prescription. The RX Helper is a service that sifts through these programs to identify the ones specific to your employee or client.

Benefits of Patient Assistance Programs for your Client/Employee

  • Shipped monthly prescriptions right to the local pharmacy, doctor’s office, or home.
  • Complete coverage on some medications and large discounts on others.
  • We complete the medication orders, track shipments, and refill medications for your client or employee.
  • One-time annual application is good for a whole year of medications.
  • Enrollment can be completed online or over the phone at your convenience.
  • Doses and treatment never have to be skipped or bought at high costs.
  • Less paperwork for you as a healthcare professional, employer, or broker; as we work with the patient directly to get information.
  • We understand that some medications are charged differently because of the manufacturer who develops them. Often times, we can help patients find generic types of the medications they need to live healthy lives so they can have the exact medication at a fraction of the price, through the use patient assistance program discounts.
  • There is no limit to the number of medications we can help an individual patient receive. As long as the patient has a prescription, is eligible to enroll, and the medication is on our list of covered prescriptions, we can help!

Eligibility Requirements for Enrollment into Patient Assistance Programs

Because these programs are meant for those who cannot afford medications, there must be strict qualifications so the programs are not abused by those who do not necessarily require them. Before offering you and your client help paying for prescriptions, we must make sure that the individual receiving medication discounts is eligible to enroll into patient assistance programs. Eligibility for patient assistance programs usually requires:

  • That a patient is over the age of 18
  • That a patient is a citizen of the United States of America
  • That the patient has very little or absolutely no prescription insurance coverage
  • That the patients is living below the annual federal poverty income rate
  • That the patient has a prescription written by physician for every medication received through the programs

Health Care Provider



Patient Assistance Help for Healthcare Providers

Are you a healthcare provider looking for an easy way to get your patients to afford their needed medications? Do you have many patients that are not covered by prescription insurance and find it difficult to pay for their needed prescription medications? If you are sick of talking to doctors, filling out paperwork, and finding ways to help your patients save money on prescriptions, we can help! Not only will you not have to worry about helping your patients pay for medication, but you will be assured that your patients are taking their medications upon the arrival of each new month. Rest easy knowing that your patients are in the hands of The RX Helper and receiving the prescriptions that they could otherwise not afford!

Patient Assistance for Agents and Brokers

If you are an agent or a broker, you know that many individuals who have health insurance are seeking different insurance premiums because the cost of medications keeps rising. It’s not worth it for many individuals to pay for both high insurance costs and out of pocket medication expenses. If you are looking for a way to help clients save money on their prescriptions, we have a broker/agent patient assistance program. We make sure that your client is treated as a medical patient, carefully assessing their medical situation so that they can receive as much help as financially possible through our program. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring the health care industry to provide our patients and brokers with information that may be vital to health care costs.

Patient Assistance for Employers

As an employer, it is difficult to find an affordable way to offer health insurance to employees. Health care premiums are steadily increasing as each new year is upon us. And with health insurance policies, medication costs are also rising. This puts employers in a tough situation, as they wish their employees to remain healthy but also need a way to provide needed treatments without breaking the bank. As well as provide patient assistance program opportunities to individual patients, we also offer the programs to employers that wish to pass medication discounts on to their employees. Patient assistance programs are not insurance, but a sure way to lower deductibles or copays that you may have to pay by reducing the amount of funds spent on prescription medications.

Ready to get your employees, patients, or clients on a routine schedule to receive needed medication treatments at a fraction of the cost? We are dedicated to helping any individual that may not be able to live the life they deserve due to the high cost of prescription medications. The sooner that a patient fills out our enrollment forms, the sooner they can start to receive large discounts or complete coverage on their medications! Our services are billed monthly, but we guarantee that the savings on medications will far outweigh our monthly fee. Additionally, there is a one-time shipping fee for all medications. But, once that is paid, medications are shipped free of charge each month, and patients never have to go without their prescriptions. Have questions about our broker, agent, employee, or health care prescription assistance programs or any of our discounted or covered medications? Give us a call today at 877-767-3297 to speak with an experienced staff member at The RX Helper!