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Looking for Some Psoriasis Information or Treatment Discounts?

Have you been seeing red patches on your skin? Is your skin beginning to crack and even bleed? Do your joints sometimes feel stiff or get swollen? You might have psoriasis. If you have any of these signs, schedule an appointment with your doctor. In

COPD Information: Definition, Symptoms, and Treatment

It affects millions of people every year, both men and women. The condition that impacts many middle-aged and older adults. It preys on smokers or former smokers. And, it can come as a result of pollution. It’s called COPD and it’s serious. That’s why it’s

Is Your Tuberculosis Medication too Expensive?

Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is considered to be one of the most deadly diseases in the world. It has impacted millions of people. It is especially dangerous to people who have HIV. Thankfully, TB is treatable with medication and the guidance of a doctor.

March is National Kidney Month!

We are now in the month of March! During this month, efforts are made to raise awareness about kidney health and treatments for kidney illnesses. There are many people who don’t know exactly what the kidneys are and what they do for the body. So,

Prevent Heart Issues by Learning More About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a term which usually causes red flags for many people. For some, the word is normally paired with another word: high. For individuals who have problems with high cholesterol, there are different lifestyle changes and various medical treatments and prescriptions that can help.

Learning More about Parkinson’s Disease and Medications

More than 10 million people in the world live with Parkinson’s disease (PD) right now. Usually, adults older than 50 can be impacted by the disease. There are also cases where people younger than that begin to suffer from Young-onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD). It’s been

Is This Year’s Seasonal Flu Vaccine Causing Fatalities?

With a rising death toll and increased hospitalizations due to the flu virus, it’s easy to point the finger and blame at the seasonal flu vaccine. But the cause of death and even contracting the flu virus actually has nothing to do with the seasonal

About Depression: Definition, Symptoms, and Medical Treatment

Depression is more common than some people think it is. There are many individuals who struggle with depression for long periods of time. There are various ways to treat it, including therapy, lifestyle and environment changes, and medications. Whatever the selected method of treatment, it

Is The Price of Osteoarthritis Medicine Worrying You?

Osteoarthritis can affect people of all ages, though it is more prevalent in older adults who are above the age of 65. Living with this disease of the joints can be very difficult. It can be even more stressful when you are not sure which

Prescription Programs: Who and How can They Help?

Most Americans have at least one prescription medication. Unfortunately, many Americans can’t get the prescriptions they need due to high insurance policies, high drug prices, and multiple prescriptions. Hard-working patients are left skipping doses or completely foregoing needed medical treatments just because they can’t afford