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Coping With Chronic Pain: The Most Diagnosed Conditions

Coping with chronic pain isn’t easy. It can be debilitating enough to prevent individuals from performing daily tasks and even working. But, understanding more about how we experience pain, why we experience pain, and chronic pain conditions can help us to identify how to treat

Overcoming Harmful Myths with Medication Facts

There are many myths surrounding prescription medication which can end up bringing about dangerous consequences. It’s important to debunk myths with medication facts so that individuals are aware of these consequences. And, so that medication will be taken as intended so that individuals can get

Quit Smoking with Prescription Nicotrol Inhaler

You hear it every day. People ask you when you’re going to stop smoking. Or if you know how bad it is for your health. You hate always smelling like cigarette smoke. And maybe you’ve even tried quitting and failed. You’re at your wit’s end.

Medical Signs and Symptoms You Shouldn’t Disregard

It’s easy to think that medical signs and symptoms may be just expected parts of aging or medication side effects. But, it’s important to monitor and track medical signs and symptoms as they may pointing towards further issues. When it comes to these red flags,

Deciding Between Prostate Cancer Therapy Options

Any cancer diagnosis is challenging to accept. But, with advancements in therapy, men diagnosed with prostate cancer have a reason to be hopeful. Currently, there are a few different prostate cancer therapy options for patients to consider. And, while availability and affordability may vary patient

Answering Your Questions About Patient Assistance Programs

You may have friends who utilize them. You may have received offers in the mail. Or, your doctor may have suggested them. Patient assistance programs are everywhere. In fact, there are over 700 of them offered in the United States. So, it’s likely that you

A Few Winter Health Tips to Take Advantage of This Year

Winter is nearing, and so are winter health concerns. Whether you seem to get a cold around the winter months, need the motivation to maintain health, or seem to struggle with the cost of medications in the winter months, this article is for you! For

Exploring the Different Options for Birth Control

Birth is a beautiful moment in which a new family member is welcomed by all. But, many people aren’t ready to have kids, or they simply don’t want to have kids at all. Fortunately, the freedom we have in this country allows us to utilize

Spreading Awareness this National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month. According to the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE), “National Diabetes Month is observed every November so individuals, health care professionals, organizations, and communities across the country can bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans.”

What Does the End of the Children’s Health Insurance Program Mean?

Many Americans are now having to pay for the full cost of their children’s health expenses due to a government-funded program, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which was dismantled at the end of September. These families, who had to be qualified for the government