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Is Your Child Showing Any Hunter Syndrome Symptoms?

Hunter syndrome is one of several in a group of disorders called mucopolysaccharidoses, or MPSs. Another name for this specific syndrome is MPS II. This disorder is very rare and is more likely to be seen in males than in females. Often, the early signs

Let The RX Helper Help Pay For Your Fabry Disease Treatment

Fabry disease is a condition that affects thousands of people every year. There are many people who are living with this disease. There are also lots of people who know someone else who is dealing with this condition. Although there is no cure for it,

Need Help Paying for Medications to Treat Pulmonary Hypertension?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people deal with the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. People around the age of 75 or older are at risk for this condition. But, it can affect people of a younger age group. This condition is also more prevalent in

Exploring the Treatments and Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis forms in people who are living with psoriasis. Those who are dealing with this condition of the skin are also at risk for seeing the signs of psoriatic arthritis. Often, the arthritis forms after the skin condition produces lesions on the skin. Psoriatic

Need Help Paying for Your Eczema Treatment Prescription?

Millions and millions of Americans are living with eczema right now. It impacts people of all ages and races. Even though this skin issue is prevalent, a lot of people have very little information about it. Eczema can cause issues that might be controlled with

The Differences Between Severe Cold and Flu Symptoms

Many times, people get a little confused when it comes to severe cold and flu symptoms. It can be a little hard to know the difference between the two conditions. This is especially because they both have some of the same signs. But, having a

Need Help Getting Medication While Living with Endometriosis?

Living with endometriosis can be very hard. It is a painful condition and can make life really uncomfortable. It affects over 170 million women worldwide. If you’re one of those women who are living with endometriosis, it would really help to have more information about

Treatment, Symptoms, and Signs of Sickle Cell Anemia

Have you been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia? Or do you know anyone who is living with this condition? There is a lot of information out there about treatment and signs of sickle cell anemia. But, it can be overwhelming when you don’t know a

Does Your Asthma Prescription Cost Too Much Money?

Asthma is a common condition. Children, men, and women alike deal with it on a daily basis. It’s definitely treatable. But, for several people, the price of asthma medication and treatment is a little too high. Maybe you’re one of those people or know someone

Need Some Help Paying for Your Tourette Syndrome Medication?

Over 130,000 children in the United States have been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS). There are many others who haven’t been diagnosed but are most likely living with TS, as well. A lot of the people who have Tourette Syndrome are also dealing with other