Are you an Employer Seeking Employee Prescription Benefits?

Companies that offer employer-sponsored health insurance plans need to explore every possible option that is available to them to help reduce the high cost of their employees’ prescriptions. Talk to The Rx Helper today about how we can offset the impact of high copays or deductibles for your employees’ specialty and brand-name medications. We can show you how adding The Rx Helper as an additional resource for your employees may save you thousands of dollars each month through patient assistance programs.

The Rx Helper is a nationwide, full-service patient prescription assistance company. We offer help for our patients through Patient Assistance Programs. We look at each patient’s situation as unique and research the best option for each individual. Some of the benefits we offer to our patients are:

We don’t just send out generic paperwork. Our patient assistance program paperwork comes self-populated with the patients and doctors information making the process more streamlined and easier to complete.

The Rx Helper is not a prescription discount card nor an insurance plan. Instead, once a patient is referred to The Rx Helper, our advocates work to obtain their prescription medications from U.S.-based pharmaceutical patient assistance programs.

We help clients find other options for their expensive generic medications by researching brand-name medications that are similar to those prescribed but are available for assistance.
We manage and service your employees’ medications so they don’t need to worry.

We closely monitor the healthcare industry to understand how the changes in the healthcare environment may affect your employees.

Employer Patient Assistance Programs

Call us today at 877-767-3297 to speak with one of our advocates and learn more about how we can help your organization not only save money but, also offer a valuable and perhaps life-saving option to your employees and their families.

You can have your employees visit our Enrollment Page and have your patients start the process today!