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Our brain develops the most during childhood. Ages from 2 to7 are the most crucial years for brain development. However, if a child experiences trauma and stress during the early years of their life it can cause problems in brain growth.

Not only does childhood trauma ruin the chances of having lifelong learning experiences for the child, but it also affects the mental and physical health in the long term. Studies show that children exposed to stress, violence, and abuse may develop psychiatric disorders and physical impairment later in life.

Keep reading this blog to understand the implications of childhood trauma on your mental and physical health.

A Weak Immune System

Children who grow up under constant stress may have a compromised immune system because the body’s stress response system doesn’t get a chance to develop under normal conditions. Weak immunity means that the body won’t be able to defend itself against various diseases and you will  develop medical issues quicker than others.

Brain And Nervous System

Neglectful and stressful surroundings can have a deep impact on cognitive abilities and the nervous system. When the most crucial years for brain development are spent dealing with trauma, as an adult, you might face chronic and frequently occurring physical pain like stomachaches and headaches as well as cognitive obstacles.

Deadly Depression

Experiencing parental domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse as a child, are traumatic events that are difficult to let go of. However, with time these childhood traumas can cause severe depression among adults. In certain extreme cases, depression can result in suicide attempts.

Cardiovascular Health

A traumatic childhood increases the probability of developing heart diseases, like coronary heart disease in the long run. An individual can become a victim of cardiovascular conditions despite maintaining their health during adulthood.

The behavioral and biological development of those who’ve experienced childhood trauma is compromised and this can also be a factor in cardiovascular conditions.

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