Eight Tips to Avoid Medication Mistakes

Taking your medication as prescribed allows you to manage your illness and prevent unnecessary hospitalization. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by your medication routine, as medical terms and varying medication dosages can sometimes be confusing. However, you need not worry because we’re here to help!

In this blog post, we will discuss some simple tips on how you can avoid medication mistakes. Read on to find out!

Eight Tips on Avoiding Medication Mistakes

1. Ask Your Doctor for The Name of Your Medication

Once the doctor has written a prescription, ask them about the medication’s name. Doing so will help you notice if the pharmacy accidentally hands you a different medication. In addition, each time you ask the pharmacy for a refill, ensure that it is the same one you were taking before. Consult your pharmacist if you notice a change in its texture, color, or shape.

2. Ask Questions About Medication Usage

Another way to avoid medication mistakes is to consult a doctor you are comfortable asking questions. You can ask your doctor about the timings between each medication and whether you should take it before, during, or after meals. 

It would help if you also asked your doctor about any side effects and where you should store the medication. It would benefit you to make notes while your doctor answers these questions.

3. Make a List of All Your Medication

If you are taking multiple medications, you must create a list of them and ensure that it is updated. You can verify this list with your pharmacist or doctor on your next visit. 

4. Understand What Your Medication Does

You need to understand what your medication does to use it correctly. Doing so will put you in a better position to report any side effects to your pharmacist or doctor. 

5. Read Medication Labels and Follow Instructions

It is also essential to read the medication labels to verify their name and recommended dosage. Reading the label will also tell you when you are supposed to take medicine and inform you regarding any side effects.  

6. Don’t Take More or Less than the Prescribed Amount

In case you start to feel better or worse, do not alter your medication dosage without consulting your pharmacist or doctor. Keep in mind that increasing or decreasing your dosage may affect your treatment.

7. Don’t Take Any Additional Medication Without Consulting Your Doctor

You cannot take certain medications and supplements together. Therefore, you must never take additional over-the-counter medications, such as allergies or cough, without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

8. Set a Reminder for Your Medication at The Same Time Everyday

You can set reminders on your mobile or ask a friend or family member to remind you when you have to take medicine. Practice this will allow you to be consistent with your medication routine. It also ensures that you don’t skip a dosage.

Final Word

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