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happy thanksgiving turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from The Rx Helper!

We’d like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at the Rx Helper! Tomorrow, take some time to be grateful for the things that you have and the loved ones in your life. If you have the privilege of spending time with your family this holiday season, make it about them! The holidays should be filled with great conversation, mouth-watering food, and memories that will last a lifetime. If you aren’t able to spend time with friends and family this season, remember that life is a gift and you are loved. Below, we’re going to share some of our favorite healthy recipes that you can use for this Thanksgiving or for next year’s festivities. By incorporating some of these recipes, you can save over 1,000 calories during your feast.

Healthy Thanksgiving Alternatives

Turkey: instead of white meat with skin, opt for dark meat without the skin. Even though turkey skin tastes delicious, it can add hundreds of calories to your dinner plate. As a bonus, dark meat is richer in zinc and iron than white meat.

Dessert: opt for pumpkin pie or apple pie instead of pecan pie. Pecan pie may be the highest-calorie item at most Thanksgiving day meals, with a slice clocking in at over 500 calories. Pumpkin pie has less sugar and calories and is around 300 calories per slice on average. Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows also tends to cross the line from side-dish to dessert, so consider baking a few sweet potatoes instead of making the casserole this year.

Appetizers: try eating carrots with hummus and Greek yogurt instead of cheese and crackers. You can save over 80 calories a serving when you compare the nutritional value of these two foods. Instead of dinner rolls, try serving a vegetable and fruit platter that has a healthy dipping sauce! Carrots, celery, cucumbers, and fruits are popular choices. By filling up on high-fiber, nutrient-dense foods, it leaves less room for the higher-calorie items at the end of the feast.

Drinks: cocktails are often filled with lots of sugary mixers and cream (such as a white Russians). There are many Thanksgiving day cocktails that contain quite a bit of sugar, so opt for a red wine or low-calorie light beer instead.

Prescription Assistance Programs

pumpkins and more pumpkins

We founded the Rx Helper to help solve the problem of expensive prescription drugs in America. The Rx Helper cater to the uninsured and under-insured who are struggling to pay for the medicines they need. We can help you get the medication you need for little to no money when compared to traditional pharmacy pricing. The medication is provided for a fraction of the price; you only have to pay a small monthly price. If you are struggling to pay for your medications and are uninsured or under-insured this holiday season, contact us today! From everyone at The Rx Helper: have a happy thanksgiving and a memorable 2018 holiday season!

Make Healthy Food Choices to Combat COPD

Make Healthy Food Choices to Combat COPD

When life gives you the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, more commonly known as the COPD, hit the supermarket to indulge in healthy food choices. COPD patients require higher amounts of calories than usual, as it takes them considerable effort to breathe.

One needs to bear in mind, that even when you’re overweight and suffering from COPD, you may not be sufficiently nourished. The 10 times more calorie requirement is thus to be taken seriously. Improving your nutrition will be a continuous process that will occur over time. However, to start off include the following in your shopping trolley:

Milk? Make it Low Fat

COPD patients need a recommended 3,300 daily requirement of calories. Nutritionists suggest, that drinking low-fat servings of milk at least 5 times a day can provide adequate amounts of calcium, protein, and vitamin D to meet the nourishment required to make it through the day. Full fat yogurt and fruit smoothies can be a healthy alternative too, in case you’re not a fan of milk.

You Need Fats, But Healthy Ones

As a COPD patient your primary aim should be the intake of your daily calorie requirement. We know fats can be unhealthy for the heart, and destructive if you’re trying to shed pounds, but you still need to consume some. The solution? Opt for healthy fats. Foods like nuts, avocados, eggs, salmon, and olive oils contain healthy fats that will serve the purpose and keep the heart healthy.

Fruits and Vegetables are Your Best Bet

If you are making healthy changes to your diet, it would be incomplete without vegetables and fruits. Whether you like them fresh, or prefer the frozen ones – they provide you with essential fiber, minerals, nutrients, and anti-oxidants necessary for maintaining good health. The best thing about them? They do not need long, exhausting preparations. You need to conserve as much energy as you can, and getting precut vegetables can help you with that.

Nuts are Good for You

Some COPD patients have low BMI (body mass index). This indicates mal-nutrition, and can put COPD patients at a greater risk of losing their life. Therefore, it is extremely important to eat right and in adequate amounts and maintain a healthy weight. Nuts are rich in calories, and provide bursts of energy to you. They are great if you find chewing to be a tiresome process. Nut butters, creamy sauces and dressings are yet another calorie rich alternative you could try. However, these often contain saturated fats, and thus it is always recommended to ask your dietitian for balanced food choices.

Healthy Grains

Whole grain foods help you maintain the level of carbs n your system on a healthy level. They simultaneously provide you with ample nutrition to meet your calorie requirements. So it’s time to chuck in some quinoa, bulgur, and millet into your shopping trolley for a healthier lifestyle.

Besides healthy food choices, you as a COPD patient also need to keep up with your doctor visits. If you feel your medical insurance lacks coverage for COPD treatment, organizations like The Rx Helper with their prescription assistance programs can help you get the medical aid you need.

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    diabetic friendly snack

    4 Tips and 4 Recipes for a Healthy Diabetic-Friendly Snack

    Snacking is an essential part of a diabetic’s diet. It helps them maintain their blood-sugar levels between meals. For those taking medications that cause a drop in their blood sugar, having a healthy, diabetic-friendly snack is as important as keeping their blood pressure, and heart rate in check.

    For the most part, your doctor will prescribe you the snacking approach you ought to take up in order to live healthy. Combine that with these important tips to make sure you do not indulge in the wrong snacks!

    • Keep the snack calorie count to a maximum 150. You go overboard with your snacks and they become more of a meal – you don’t want that! Limit yourself to 150 calories per snack; this will help you keep a check on the amount you eat. Also make sure you’re actually hungry and not just bored before you start eating.
    • Portion your snacks. It has more than often been proved that people generally eat more straight out of the bag. That’s the problem with store bought conventional snacks – you cannot keep track of how much you’ve already consumed. Limit yourself to a particular plate. Pour out the snacks in it, and eat just that at one time.
    • Keep a tab on the low-fat snacks. It is easy to fall into the ‘low-fat’ trap! Studies show that most people end up eating 28% more than usual because they think they are taking in lesser calories. Since most low-fat snacks do not differ much from full-fat ones in calories, it is better to stick to the amount you would originally consume had the snack been full-fat.
    • Go ahead and make them at home. While off-the-shelf snacks are a salivating option for most, making your snacks at home allows you to control what goes into your body. Try out these fantastic quick and healthy recipes for a filling diabetic snack!diabetic friendly snack
      • Cheese and pear. Pair a small pear with a light stick of cheese. The snack will provide you with the much needed calcium and fiber – it is quick, simple, and healthy!
      • Some guacamole and fresh veggies. Use about ¼ cup of store bought guacamole, use it as a dip with carrots and sweet pepper; or spread it on a baguette and top it with some fresh tomatoes. It’s filling and delicious.
      • The classic banana and chocolate combo. Treat yourself to this decadent snack – slice half a banana and dip it in melted dark chocolate for a quick, healthy snack. By the way, dark chocolate helps control blood pressure!
      • Pineapple and ham. Some sliced low-sodium deli ham, and cubed pineapples – put them on a skewer or toss them up like a salad with fresh watercress. You could also eat them on bread like an open sandwich! It’s low-fat and healthy, not to mention – absolutely delicious.

    Eat healthy, and don’t forget your regular medical checkups. Consult The Rx Helper in case you’re looking for financial assistance for diabetes medication.

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