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A breast cancer diagnosis can be costly. Medical supplies, medicine, and medical bills all add up. Plus, you still have to pay your monthly grocery bills, rent, and mortgage. Here, we highlight certain programs that can be of assistance to cancer patients.

2-1-1 Program of United Way

It has many programs to help people in need across the country, and you can still get in touch with a service professional directly at 2-1-1 in the US.

Compassionate Allowance

It expedites the SSDI claim process. Some disabling conditions, such as metastatic breast cancer, receive a decision within 3 weeks. Funds are distributed in the same manner as for regular SSDI (6 months from the submission date).

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)

It’s a US federal loss of income protection program. SSDI defines disability as a condition that’s expected to last at least a year or result in death. If awarded, payments start at six months from the date of the determined disability.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

It’s a useful federal income supplement program designed to assist disabled people with little or no income. Eligibility is decided case by case. If you’re eligible for SSI, other benefits such as food stamps may not be available.

Stupid Cancer

It maintains a list of financial resources, including educational financial aid for survivors as well as their children.


It offers information about low-cost and free medicine programs and other ways to manage medical costs.

The Pink Fund

It offers short-term financial aid for basic living expenses to eligible breast cancer patients.

Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief

It offers direct financial assistance for prescription drug co-payments to eligible patients.

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Partnership for Prescription Assistance

It helps eligible patients acquire the right medications either for little or no charge. Being underinsured and uninsured is part of qualifying.

Hope for Young Adults with Cancer

It helps young adults in active treatment and remission for up to 5 years pay for daily living expenses.

The Healthwell Foundation

It offers financial assistance to people with life-threatening or chronic diseases. Eligible people can get help with copayments for deductibles, coinsurance, prescription drugs, and other selected out-of-pocket costs.

Linking A.R.M.S by CancerCare

This program offers limited financial assistance for durable medical equipment, lymphedema supplies, pain and anti-nausea medication, oral chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy. CancerCare offers limited financial assistance for transportation, childcare, and homecare.

ACS (American Cancer Society)

It offers referrals and information to numerous community, education, and patient support services, including transportation programs and financial assistance.

The Rx Helper’s low-cost medication programs for the elderly help underinsured or uninsured patients

As a reputable free medication programs provider, The Rx Helper aims to make medications available to those who can’t afford them.

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