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Help with Inhaler Assistance

Who are we?

The Rx Helper was founded to help solve the problem of the uninsured and under-insured needing access to prescription medications in America.

Patient Assistance Program

Drug companies run most of the patient assistance programs to assist individuals who are incapable of paying for their medication. These programs also go by the term indigent drug programs, medication assistance programs or charitable drug programs.

Patient assistance programs encompass a majority of the common prescription drugs. Large pharmaceutical have programs that demand different conditions for eligibility. There are however some similar requirements in order to apply to these programs.

They are very important to individuals who cannot afford their medication. They offer free medication to those who would otherwise have no other alternative. There is a financial requirement and other criteria specific to the program in order to qualify. Patient centers normally have information about how to apply and which databases to search from.

Conditions for Eligibility

The patient should be an American resident

The patient should not qualify for other drug aids with the public or private insurance or programs

The patient’s annual household income should be at most 300 percent of the federal poverty index

The prescription medication required should be covered in the assistance program; inhalers should also be in the inhaler assistance program

What Pharmaceutical Companies Do

These companies manufacture drugs. Not everyone can afford the medication but they are still part of the market that these companies target. They therefore help the less privileged who are in need of the medication. Patient assistance programs have been in the market for decades. They help to save the money on prescriptions. The programs include a range of drugs from inhaler assistance programs to vaccines and other drugs. They provide information on how to qualify, the application process and other requirements.

They comprehend that a huge number of patients who are poor and do not have insurance cover have difficulties getting medication. They have done research on the patient’s ability and in the health care to discover that charitable drug programs have an impact. The AZ&Me program, for example, helped to save more than $670 million in 2014 from 383,000 patients.

Some pharmaceuticals also participate in multi-manufacturer programs. They assist patients to get medication even those that they do not make. Their goal is to increase access to the drugs. Patients get free inhaler and drug prescriptions.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance has been instrumental in the lives of more than six million patients who do not have insurance cover. In addition, this program has cut across the 50 states and served more than 3,000 cities.

Each program however has a unique set of rules which may be confusing. But they all offer beneficial assistance.

There are many programs for patient assistance and one of them is the Glaxo Smith Kline. This program is majorly free and mostly mails the medication to the patients. There are no clerical and registration fees. Some medication is however only available at the retail pharmacy. It is easy to register for these programs and assistance to enroll is available.

Which Medicine Do these Program Include for Inhaler Assistance

Each program has varying medication. The GSK program organizes the drugs in alphabetical order. Patients also qualify for different medication and not everything on the list. The Rx inhaler assistance programs are very important to asthma patients. Asthma medication is very costly but can be obtained from these programs for free or at a very low cost.

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