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Gestational Diabetes

Effects of Gestational Diabetes on Infants

Gestational diabetes is one of the types of diabetes that women suffer from during pregnancy, it is said to be one of the most common health issues in pregnant women all around the world and some might not take it too seriously given the fact that this condition disappears shortly after childbirth. However, this might not be the case with every woman and there have been cases where gestational diabetes persisted for a longer duration of time affecting both, the health of the mother and the infant.

Pregnancy has a strong impact on the overall hormone production of the body, and this change brings about a shift in the body’s ability of insulin production thus causing hypoglycemia (which in general is also an ailment that needs serious consideration and proper medication and consultation). In healthy pregnancies, the pancreas produces the insulin, however in gestational diabetes, the pancreas cannot secrete the necessary amount of insulin to keep up with the accelerated demand resulting in high glucose levels.

How Does it Affect Infants?

It’s not important that every case of gestational diabetes might cause some health issues to the baby or the expectant mother, however, there are certain risks involved and for that medication and regular consultation with a medical practitioner is important.

1.    Birth Trauma

Birth trauma is one of the very dangerous risks of gestational diabetes in infants. It may include damage to tissues and delicate organs of the child and in serious cases may even cause nerve damage. Mothers may also face post-traumatic birth disorder after a traumatic birth experience.

2.    Macrosomia

One of the most common side effects of gestational diabetes is Macrosomia, which means the baby is bigger in size than its normal birth size (weight and height). This is caused due to high glucose levels in your baby which result in the baby’s body producing more insulin causing it to grow larger than the normal growth range. Macrosomia also increases the chances of a cesarean section or an induced childbirth instead of a normal labor due to the large size of the baby.

3.    Perinatal death

Perinatal death which occurs during the childbirth procedure is one of the most dangerous risks associated with gestational diabetes. Also, stillbirth could be the case in some situations (gestational diabetes needs constant check) and the risk increases with the increase in glucose levels in the body of an expectant mother.

4.    Neonatal Hypoglycemia

One of the worst risks associated with gestational diabetes could be that the infant falls prey to hypoglycemia too. If not treated on time and accurately, this could lead to damage to the baby’s brain and impaired development.

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