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Make Healthy Food Choices to Combat COPD

Make Healthy Food Choices to Combat COPD

When life gives you the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, more commonly known as the COPD, hit the supermarket to indulge in healthy food choices. COPD patients require higher amounts of calories than usual, as it takes them considerable effort to breathe.

One needs to bear in mind, that even when you’re overweight and suffering from COPD, you may not be sufficiently nourished. The 10 times more calorie requirement is thus to be taken seriously. Improving your nutrition will be a continuous process that will occur over time. However, to start off include the following in your shopping trolley:

Milk? Make it Low Fat

COPD patients need a recommended 3,300 daily requirement of calories. Nutritionists suggest, that drinking low-fat servings of milk at least 5 times a day can provide adequate amounts of calcium, protein, and vitamin D to meet the nourishment required to make it through the day. Full fat yogurt and fruit smoothies can be a healthy alternative too, in case you’re not a fan of milk.

You Need Fats, But Healthy Ones

As a COPD patient your primary aim should be the intake of your daily calorie requirement. We know fats can be unhealthy for the heart, and destructive if you’re trying to shed pounds, but you still need to consume some. The solution? Opt for healthy fats. Foods like nuts, avocados, eggs, salmon, and olive oils contain healthy fats that will serve the purpose and keep the heart healthy.

Fruits and Vegetables are Your Best Bet

If you are making healthy changes to your diet, it would be incomplete without vegetables and fruits. Whether you like them fresh, or prefer the frozen ones – they provide you with essential fiber, minerals, nutrients, and anti-oxidants necessary for maintaining good health. The best thing about them? They do not need long, exhausting preparations. You need to conserve as much energy as you can, and getting precut vegetables can help you with that.

Nuts are Good for You

Some COPD patients have low BMI (body mass index). This indicates mal-nutrition, and can put COPD patients at a greater risk of losing their life. Therefore, it is extremely important to eat right and in adequate amounts and maintain a healthy weight. Nuts are rich in calories, and provide bursts of energy to you. They are great if you find chewing to be a tiresome process. Nut butters, creamy sauces and dressings are yet another calorie rich alternative you could try. However, these often contain saturated fats, and thus it is always recommended to ask your dietitian for balanced food choices.

Healthy Grains

Whole grain foods help you maintain the level of carbs n your system on a healthy level. They simultaneously provide you with ample nutrition to meet your calorie requirements. So it’s time to chuck in some quinoa, bulgur, and millet into your shopping trolley for a healthier lifestyle.

Besides healthy food choices, you as a COPD patient also need to keep up with your doctor visits. If you feel your medical insurance lacks coverage for COPD treatment, organizations like The Rx Helper with their prescription assistance programs can help you get the medical aid you need.

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    7 Myths of COPD

    COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a chronic lung disease marked by consecutive fits of cough and wheezing. This disease causes lung inflation resulting in breathing difficulty and production of sputum. COPD is usually caused by irritable gases and chemicals and smoke. Not that this disease is rare in today’s time, many think that way and there are several myths associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which not entirely true.

    Myth # 1: It Is Always Caused By Smoke

    No doubt smoke is one of the triggers and basic causes of COPD, it is definitely not the sole reason why people suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Also, not every person who suffers from COPD is or has been a smoker in their life. It could also be caused by the environmental factors being a contributor towards fanning the disease.

    Myth # 2: COPD and Asthma are the Same

    Although the symptoms of both, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma are somewhat similar, these two are definitely not the same diseases and require proper diagnosis and medication each.  The symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and short breath are same as those of Asthma, they are not instantly triggered by the allergens.

    Myth # 3: Exercise Would Worsen the Symptoms

    Many people think that exercising would worsen the symptoms of COPD by increasing fits of cough and shortness of breath. In Actual, regular exercise regimen not only keeps the patients’ health intact, it also provides greater tolerance level for prolonged physical activity in day to day course of life. Exercise also helps a person build immunity towards different infections prevalent in the environment.

    Myth #4: The Only Symptom is Shortness of Breath

    It is in many cases the first symptom but mostly it’s just the beginning and not the sole symptom. COPD patients also suffer from chest tightening, coughing and loud wheezing along with frequently catching cold and being under the attack of pneumonia or flu.

    Myth #5: There’s No Cure for COPD

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is not a death sentence, it has its gravity for the patients but that doesn’t mean it is not treatable; it is. However, the damage that has been done to the lungs cannot be reversed; medicines and proper care can avoid worsening of the condition. Oxygen therapy also helps and is commonly used for COPD patients.

    Myth # 6: Only Old People Are Diagnosed with COPD

    Often people are diagnosed with symptoms of COPD in later stage of their lives, it is not important that that’s the only time they could get COPD. Also, these diagnoses are usually late and not much can be done to reverse the condition to a normal one after the symptoms are apparent.

    Myth # 7: COPD Patients Should Opt For Bed rest

    This actually works against the health interest of the COPD patient. It is advisable to avoid sitting or lying down most of the time and allow muscles to receive oxygen by not being idle for most of the time which would eventually weaken them.

    Medication and care is a crucial step in treatment for COPD, but some people are unable to manage it. The Rx Helper provides COPD assistance to individuals with simple steps to follow so they could lead a healthy life with less financial burden on their shoulders.


      See If You Qualify For Prescription Assistance