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Assistance with Insulin

Diabetes requires lifetime commitment in terms of care. Other than exercise and diet changes, many diabetic people are required to take insulin to control their blood sugar. Some people find it difficult to cover the costs of insulin doses that add up on their own. Here is some info regarding assistance with insulin:

Are you diabetic and need help to cover your medication?

Well, you have a reason to smile again. There are certain programs that help cover this expense like the Patient Assistance Programs (PAP). This money saving program is often backed by medical institutions, nonprofits, and drug companies. Most PAPs provide insulin medication and supplies at a low or no cost. Although prescription financial assistance may not be provided, you can get prescription help.

It is important to understand that each PAP criteria and requirements for their programs are different. This means that diabetic people who need help have to spend time filling out applications. Not everyone qualifies because a PAP may not be covering the particular insulin a patient uses. Below are examples of these programs.

Diabetes Foundation, Inc.

This foundation offers diabetes medications and supplies to low-income and uninsured diabetics. They also provide updated information on diabetes and the complications involved. They also help patients understand how to maintain a healthy life.

North Dakota Community Action Partnership

All the seven community action agencies in North Dakota provide general diabetic supplies for both moderate and low-income individuals including senior citizens, families or any other people in crisis situations.

Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program

In this program, free medicine is provided to those who qualify. If approved, they send a free 120-day medicine supply to the patient through the prescribing healthcare providers. Novo Nordisk normally contacts the health care provider after 90 days to approve the refill of the medication.

Takeda Patient Assistance Program

This program provides Amitiza, Rozerem and Dexilant to the eligible individuals. They believe that all patients have a right to access medication even when in difficult financial situations.

Lilly Cares Patient Assistance

In Lilly Cares, qualified individuals receive a 120-day medicine supply through a shipment to the specific health care providers. Prescription refills are availed during the patient’s 1-year enrollment period. Patients are required to complete refill forms and then submit them.

To access more patient assistance programs, use organizations like:


The Rx Helper

Rx Assist

Some of the medications where assistance is provided are:


This is a fast-acting human insulin analog that lowers the blood glucose levels. It treats type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) in adults. It is usually administered together with a long-acting insulin. To treat type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent) in adults, Humalog is also used with oral medications.

Because this medication begins to work quickly, it should be used with a meal 15 minutes before or immediately after eating. Humalog should not be used if an individual is allergic to insulin or if they have a hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) episode.


This is a man-made hormone that is produced in the body that works through lowering glucose levels in the blood. This long-acting form of insulin is different compared to other forms of insulin’s and is used to treat both type 2 and 1 diabetes. One should not use Lantus if they are allergic to insulin glargine, if they have a hypoglycemia episode or if in diabetic ketoacidosis state.


NovoLog is a rapid acting form of insulin that lowers the blood glucose levels. It is used to treat children as long as they are two years old and type 1 diabetic adults. This medication is normally administered along another long-acting insulin. A patient is required to take a meal 5-10 minutes after using NovoLog. Any individual who is allergic to insulin or having a hypoglycemia episode should not use NovoLog.

If you need help with your diabetic insulin costs, please contact The Rx Helper today at (866) 949-7353 for a free qualification. The Rx Helper is a prescription assistance company that provides insulin assistance to many diabetic patients.

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