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The RX Helper is a prescription assistance program that is dedicated to helping people save money on their prescriptions. We work with the pharmaceutical companies to insure that individuals can afford their medications even if they do not have insurance. For those that are low income and do not have insurance, The RX Helper can provide NovoLog patient assistance as well as assistance with many other medications.

What is NovoLognovolog patient assistance

Novolog was created to help treat type-one diabetes. The brand name is Novolog and the generc name is known as Insulin Aspart. It is a hormone that is man-made and helps lower the blood sugar. It is a vital medication that many diabetics rely on the help live a healthy life.

Novolog was created by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. It was created under the names NovoLog and NovoRapid through rDNA technology and substitutes aspartic acid residue for proline in the B28 amino acid. The synthesized form makes the insulin fast acting.

Using NovoLog

Novolog works in about fifteen minutes which makes it one of the fast-acting insulins that are available for treatment. It remains avtive for 3-5 hours and has its peak between 1-1.5 hours.

The way it works is by being delivered beneath the fat through a direct injection pen or an insulin pump. If the insulin is used without the basal insulin mechanism, then it should be used with the intermediate to long acting insulin.

Because NovoLog is fast acting, it should be used 5-10 minutes before a meal. If it is injected too soon than it can cause side effects such as hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. Hyperglycemia causes cold sweats, fast heart beat, and fainting.

Novolog Patient Assistance

The cost of Novolog without insurance can be as high as $464!

Although Novolog is covered by 90% of insurances, if you do not have insurance, Novolog can become extremely expensive. The medication is vital to many people and The RX Helper allows people to afford their medication.