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Lantus was designed to help diabetics as long-term insulin. This long-term insulin works as faster-acting after meals to help people get through the day. It is called insulin glargine and it is also known as the brands Lantus, Basaglar, and Abasaglar.

Lantus Discount

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How Lantus Works

Lantus can be used for adults who have diabetes or pediatric patients that are six or younger. The insulin is man-made hormone that is usually produced in the body. The hormone is what helps regulate and control the blood sugar level in the body.

The requirements for prescription are one injection a day. The diabetics are able to have a 24-hour insulin supply once the solution becomes water-soluble and releases into the blood stream.

Patients should use a separate syringe when injection Lantus. It should also not be mixed or diluted anyway.

History of Lantuslantus discount

Lantus was ready to be launched in 2000 but was not released until 2005. It was created by scientist, Frankfurt-Höchst. There are now supplies in 100 different countries. The largest export is Germany where around 1.8 diabetics use it for treatment.

In 2009, a study was conducted of 5,657 patients to see if Lantus incresed the risk of cancer for users. The results were that it is NOT associated with the risk of cancer. Many other tests were conducted that received the same results.

Important Facts

At the moment, there is not generic brand available. Health insurances may cover the partial cost of Lantus.

Signs of an allergic reaction to Lantus are rashes over the body, wheezing, and sweating.

Insulin injections should be paired with a healthy diet and exercise.

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