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 How To Get Your Bydureon Patient Assistance

The RX Helper’s main goal to help those with lower level incomes afford their medication. Having prescriptions can be a matter of life and death for many people. And if you can afford the medication you need to help you stay healthy, then there will only be negative outcomes. The RX Helper can give people who meet the requirements Bydureon Patient Assistance, or even pay it in full!

Bydureon is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is also known as Exenatide and Byetta. Bydureon and Byetta are two different forms of medication but both have the same formulations. Both forms of the medication can be injected in the thigh, arm, abdomen, or any other part with enough skin.

Bydureon has the method of being injected once a week, while Byetta has to be injected one hour before every first and last meal of the day.

The way Bydeureon works is by controlling the blood glucose levels in the body. Those who are diabetic are resistant to insulin. Insulin converts glucose into usable energy. Bydureon allows the diabetic to overcome their insulin resistance by the following:

  • Reducing liver fat
  • Minor appetite suppression
  • Slowing down entry of sugar into the blood stream
  • Manking the pancreas more responsive to increased blood glucose levels

History of Bydureon

Exenatide or Bydureon was originally synthesized from the saliva of venous lizards in 1992. Then in 1993, the patent for developing and marketing was developed. It was approved in 2005 by the FDA to treat type 2 diabetes and later approved for the Bydureon formulation in 2012.

Other Statistics

Bydureon can also be sold as a powder medicine that has to be mixed with a liquid before using.

Side effects of using Bydureon my include:

Bydureon Patient Assistance

  • Weight loss
  • headache
  • itching or a lump when injected
  • upset stomach

Getting Your Bydureon Patient Assistance

Many insurance companies may pay a part of Bydureon, but what if you do not have insurance? Without insurance the bills of having type 2 diabetes can add up quickly. The RX helper is able to help those who are having problems with affording the medication with Bydureon Patient Assistance.

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