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Advair Patient Assistance

Advair has been helping people with asthma since 2000. It is a combination of fluticasone propionate and salmeterol xinafoate. These main ingredients are mainly used to help treat asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Advair is most commonly sold in the United States as a dry powder inhaler. For those that can’t afford their Advair there are programs that offer Advair Patient Assistance.

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The Rx Helper is a prescription assistance program that helps people afford their medications! Advair can become expensive, especially without insurance! If you or someone you love needs help paying for Advair, The RX Helper can help. With the right eligibility, you can get an Advair patient assistance or even paid in full! For the enrollment process visit here or call 877-767-3297.

History of Avair

The FDA approved Advair in 2000 from the company GlaxoSmithKline. The patent protection has declined in 2010 but the generic formula has still not become available. This is because the FDA has not yet determined an agreed-upon standard for inhalers using steroids. This means that means for those who need Advair, there is only one type of medication for it. Without less expensive options, Advair can be very expensiveness. INSURANCE DOES NOT PAY FOR ADVAIR but The RX Helper will work on getting an Advair Patient Assistance or even pay for the medication in FULL.

Costs of Advair

  •  Pharmacies around $325
  •  Manufacturer Coupon 30-day free trial
  • Manufacturer Coupon $10 a month

How Advair WorksAdvair Patient Assistance

Advair DISKUS is a prescription medication for patients who are 4 years or older. Advair HFA is for the treatment of asthma is 12 years or older patients.

The side effects of taking Advair may include:

  • Fungul infection in throat or mouth
  • Increased chances of getting infections
  • Weakened immune system
  • Effects on heart
  • Reduced adrenal function

Side Notes

If you are allergic to milk proteins, do not take ADVAIR DISKUS.

For patients who are symptomatic on an inhaled corticosteroid: 1 inhalation (100 mcg-50 mcg) twice a day (morning and evening, approximately 12 hours apart).

If you or a loved one has low income and no insurance, do not spend all your money on paying for medications when The RX Helper can be of assistance. Fill out our request form and a specialist will be in contact as soon as possible or call this number to speak to one of our representatives, 877-767-3297 for Advair Patient Assistance.




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The Rx Helper’s enrollment is very quick and easy. We ask a few qualifying questions to make sure that you are available for the appropriate patient assistance program.

There are over 270 Patient Assistance Programs. Each Patient Assistance Program has different qualification guidelines. However if you meet the following three conditions you will more than likely qualify for these programs.