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A dentist offering dental treatment to the patient

Did you know that 13% of adults in America neglect dental treatment because they can’t afford it? Many people hold themselves back from even smiling properly because they’re not comfortable with how their teeth look.

If you find yourself in the same boat, we’ve got some good news! We’ve listed some of the ways you can get financial help for your dental costs.

However, dental costs vary largely with the kind of dental treatment you require. A routine check-up may cost around $200-300 without insurance, whereas a dental implant costs around $2,500 per tooth because it involves a surgical procedure.

From financial medication prescription programs to non-profit organizations, the following are some of the ways you restore your teeth and bright smile without putting a dent in your pocket:

Dental Grants

Dental grants offer to pay the total cost of expensive dental treatments. Although these grants act like lifesavers, you need to meet their criteria, or else you won’t be eligible for them.

For instance, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry accommodates women who’ve survived domestic abuse through their ‘Give Back a Smile’ program. This program covers the total cost of any dental injuries.

Besides this, the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program offers financial assistance for dental implants.

A dentist offering dental treatment to a child

Charitable Organizations

Many charities such as Smiles Change Lives provide financial assistance to uninsured patients by helping with the cost of braces, given that the patient is 21 years old or below.

Besides that, Dental Lifeline Network offers financial support for dentures to the disabled, elderly, or needy patients.

Dental Financing

Dental financing options require application work that includes some restrictions. The restriction involves an increase in interest if the payment is delayed.

Care Credit and dental discount cards are a few of the convenient financing options that may come in handy. However, Care Credit charges a high-interest rate after the promotional period end and discount cards include an annual membership fee.

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