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Is This Year’s Seasonal Flu Vaccine the Causing Fatalities?

With a rising death toll and increased hospitalizations due to the flu virus, it’s easy to point the finger and blame at the seasonal flu vaccine. But the cause of death and even contracting the flu virus actually has nothing to do with the seasonal flu vaccine. Understanding more about the flu by addressing commonly believed myths can help to spread the truth about these viruses. This way, more people can be prepared and fewer individuals will contract the flu next year!

The Seasonal Flu Vaccine Can’t Cause the Flu

According to a study performed by CVS Pharmacy, over 35% of people think that the flu vaccine can cause contraction of the flu virus. While it is possible to contract the virus if you’ve had a flu shot, it’s impossible that it was contracted because of the shot. This is because the flu shot doesn’t actually contain active flu dna. It contains killed, or inactive flu virus DNA. This means that these cells cannot reproduce, and the flu cannot spread. The goal of a flu shot is to help the immune system be able to recognize the flu virus and develop antibodies in case the flu were to be contracted.

Addressing Other Harmful Myths About the Flu

While the most commonly believed myth about the flu is that the seasonal flu virus can cause it, there are other myths which can keep people from getting help like:

Late Flu Shots Don’t Help: While there is a season in which more people are affected by seasonal flu viruses, it’s a myth that getting your flu virus after November doesn’t’ help. You can contract a flu virus at any time of the year, so if you’re due for a flu shot, don’t worry about the time of year.

One Flu Shot Protects for Years: Each seasonal flu vaccine contains dead virus cells from that year’s influenza. But each year bring a new virus, so the flu vaccine must differ each year. If you received a flu shot for last year’s flu, you’re still susceptible to this year’s virus.

It’s Best to Wait Until People get Sick: Sometimes people believe it’s better to wait for people to start catching the flu before getting their flu shot. However, the flu is most contagious on days 1 and 2 after contraction, before most people even start experiencing symptoms. So, getting your flu shot after people around you start getting sick my be too late to prevent yourself from getting sick as well.

Babies can get the Seasonal Flu Vaccine: While babies can contract any seasonal flu virus, those under half a year of age can’t get a flu shot. So, it’s best that the entire family get vaccinated to prevent the risk of infant flu contraction.

Get Help Paying for the Seasonal Flu Vaccine

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