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Treating Lupus Affordably with Patient Assistance Programs

The immune system is arguably the most important system in the body since it is credited for keeping the body healthy in terms of fighting off bacteria and infection. For those that have an immune system that is compromised by Lupus, medication may be necessary to help with the overall well-being of a patient’s life. Since millions of Americans do not have the health insurance that is required to cover the cost of lupus medications, The RX Helper has come up with a way to help those treating lupus in their own lives.

What is Lupus, Anyway?

In a body with a regularly functioning immune system, it works to fight off foreign threats like bacteria and virus by creating a protein known as an antibody. These antibodies are developed to fight off the germs that could otherwise lead to health issues. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the immune system’s antibodies attack itself instead of the foreign threats. The result of antibodies attacking healthy cells instead of foreign threats are the symptoms of lupus: organ damage, pain, and inflammation throughout the body.

Facts About Lupus

  • There is no known cure for lupus, but treatments can manage the symptoms of the condition and provide states of remission, or periods of time when symptoms are not apparent.
  • Lupus is not contractible to others in any way.
  • Lupus is thought to be hereditary since it is common in families, but other conditions can awaken the disease like environment, specific medicines, and high levels of stress.
  • The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that over one and a half million individuals in the United States have Lupus, about 5 million individuals have Lupus globally, and there are over 16 thousand new Lupus cases reported daily.
  • Most people develop the disease from ages 15-44, and women are more likely to have the disease than men.
  • People of color are more than twice as likely to develop Lupus as opposed to Caucasians, but individuals of all genetics, heritage, gender, and race can develop the disease.

Symptoms of Lupus

Since the immune system can affect many areas of the body, the symptoms of Lupus are very diverse and numerous. Additionally, the symptoms of Lupus are apparent with other diseases, so experiencing these symptoms does not necessarily mean that an individual has Lupus. Individuals with Lupus can experience symptoms for short or long periods of time, and can also stay in remission from symptoms for a short or long period of time. Some of the common symptoms of Lupus include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Fever
  • Hair Loss
  • Swelling
  • Low Red Blood Cell Count
  • Blood Clots
  • Ulcers of the Mouth or Nose
  • Skin Rash
  • Sensitivity to Sunlight
  • Pain in Joints
  • Headache

Treating Lupus with Benlysta

Treating Lupus with medications helps many people diagnosed with the disease to live fulfilling and complete lives. Benlysta is the first FDA approved Lupus treatment in the span of 50 years, and was developed by scientists of the Human Genome Sciences for the specific treatment of the disease. Benlysta works by producing a protein that helps to limit the production of the antibodies that attack healthy cells in Lupus patients. Instead of targeting the entire immune system with immune suppressing treatments that can harm the overall functionality of the immune system, the proteins provided by Benlysta only target specific immune cells that result in Lupus symptoms. Treating Lupus with Benlysta may not be the best option for every patient, so if you have been diagnosed with Lupus, ask your doctor if the medication is right for you.

Treating Lupus Affordably

Are you treating Lupus with Benlysta or considering asking your doctor about a prescription for Benlysta? Prescription medications may be expensive for those that have minimal or no prescription health insurance coverage. Millions of Americans are left skipping their Benlysta doses because they cannot afford the medication on a monthly basis. For those that qualify, The RX Helper can offer discounts or completely cover the cost of treating Lupus with Benlysta. We provide discounts through patient assistance programs that are offered by over 700 different organizations for the sole purpose of helping American citizens afford needed prescription medications. Find out if you are eligible for our services by visiting our website today. Have more questions about what we do? Please call us today at 877-767-3297 so that you can receiver you medication discount and never skip a dose again!

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