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Treating Hypertension at a Cost you Can Afford

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension, or more commonly referred high blood pressure, is a common disorder amongst American citizens that can be treated to reduce its symptoms. Your heart is constantly pumping blood through your arteries and blood vessels. This pumping produces a surge of blood that expands the vessels, and the force of this blood surge is known as blood pressure. If a person has narrowed blood vessels or their heart pumps blood more frequently throughout the arteries and vessels to be considered normal health, it is known as hypertension.

How is Hypertension Caused?

There is no direct cause for high blood pressure, but there are individual who are more likely to be at risk for developing the disease. Uncontrollable risk factors for hypertension are age, gender, genetics, and race. Specific risk factors that can be monitored and controlled for developing high blood pressure include:

  • Being overweight
  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Diet high in salts
  • Neglecting exercise
  • High amounts of stress
  • Certain medications
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Certain medical conditions

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a silent disease that does not translate in physical symptoms much like other medical ailments. But it does raise the risk for other health issues that can lead to death. Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in American citizens? High blood pressure is a direct relation to this statistic since it is reported that over 70% of heart attack victims have been diagnosed with high blood pressure beforehand. It is also reported by the American Heart Association (AHA) that hypertension directly relates to the development of stroke. Although there are no physical side effects of this disease, it is deadly and should be taken seriously and addressed as soon as it is diagnosed. In the year 2013 alone, the AHA recorded that over 360,000 deaths had something to do with high blood pressure.

Treating Hypertension with Azor

Treating hypertension to lower your blood pressure means lowering your risk for stroke, heart attack, and death. If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure he/she may have given you outlines on lifestyle changes that could help and also a medicine used in treating hypertension. If you haven’t met your goal blood pressure number after this treatment, you may wish to ask your doctor about a prescription for Azor. Azor works by administering two different types of blood pressure medication that work to both stops the chemical angiotensin II that can work to tighten blood vessels and to widen the blood vessels to lower blood pressure numbers. In clinical studies, Azor helped patients who were at a higher risk like African Americans, individuals over the age of 65, and individuals diagnosed with diabetes. It was also proven to start treating hypertension by lowering blood pressure numbers in as little as 14 days. Azor is a pill that is taken once a day to be effective for up to 24 hours.

Treating Hypertension without Breaking your Pockets

If you have a prescription for Azor or are considering asking your doctor for a prescription to help lower your blood pressure levels, The RX Helper may be able to help you pay for it. We offer financial prescription assistance for patients who cannot afford their medications due to a lack of or no prescription insurance coverage. To do this, we utilize over 700 patient assistance programs offered by nonprofit organizations and large pharmaceutical manufacturers. These patient assistance programs all differ and provide discounts for certain medications. Our job is to find the programs that fit your prescriptions and needs so that your medications can be severely discounted or covered completely. Our patients find that they save more in medication costs than they do in paying for our services. Have more than one prescription? There is no limit to the number of medications we can help you with! Check out our complete list of medications that we can provide help with on our website. Have any questions about our medications or services? Give us a call today to get started on saving on your prescription medications at 877-767-3297. Don’t skip a dose or have to forgo treating hypertension ever again!

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