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Asthma Prescription Assistance Programs

The treatment of asthma has come a long way in the past few years. Care has improved and medicines have gotten better. These changes are making it easier for patients to control their asthma symptoms and live a fuller life. The cost of asthma medication is very high. When a patient transitions from CFC to HFA, the expense increases and many experience even more difficulties being able to afford it. There are millions of people in the United States with low incomes who suffer from asthma and being able to afford the medicine they require is difficult.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)

The PPA is responsible for helping over six million uninsured patients receive their asthma prescription medications. The program is available to patients in all 50 states. This program was created to make it easier for uninsured and low income patients get the medicine they need for free or at considerably reduced cost. After a patient fills out an income based application, the PPA will match them to a program for which they are eligible.
The PPA’s mission is to bring awareness of patient assistance programs to those who are eligible. They are a single point of contact to gain access to over 475 public and private programs. The PPA’s help is free; they will not charge a fee for finding this contact information as some agencies do. Their need for financial information is only to match a patient to the assistance program they qualify for.

Rx Assist

Pharmaceutical companies run prescription assistance programs to provide medicines needed by those who cannot afford them. RxAssist has an extensive database of these programs and are able to match patients to the one that can help them the best. They also keep up to date on the medical world and provide news updates and articles on their website, keeping patients and health care professionals current.
RxAssist is a web-based, nationally recognized resource center for medication assistance. They have been around since 1999 and are funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. They can provide assistance to help patients find the correct assistance they need to get asthma medicine free or at a reduced cost.


This is a pharmaceutical company that will help people afford the medicine they need. Their company belief is that it is not enough to just make medicine- they want to make sure the people who need it – get it. They have been offering patient assistance programs for more than 35 years.
In 2014 the AZ&ME Prescription Savings Program saved more than $670 million for patients in the United States who needed help getting their prescription medications. Their program will help asthma patients get prescription assistance for the necessary medicine they need to lead a better life.

The Rx Helper

The Rx Helper takes great pride in helping those who qualify to get their expensive brand name medications. The Rx Helper will work with you and your doctor to help facilitate the paperwork and streamline the process with as little stress as possible. These are great programs for those who need prescription assistance.

7 Myths of COPD

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a chronic lung disease marked by consecutive fits of cough and wheezing. This disease causes lung inflation resulting in breathing difficulty and production of sputum. COPD is usually caused by irritable gases and chemicals and smoke. Not that this disease is rare in today’s time, many think that way and there are several myths associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which not entirely true.

Myth # 1: It Is Always Caused By Smoke

No doubt smoke is one of the triggers and basic causes of COPD, it is definitely not the sole reason why people suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Also, not every person who suffers from COPD is or has been a smoker in their life. It could also be caused by the environmental factors being a contributor towards fanning the disease.

Myth # 2: COPD and Asthma are the Same

Although the symptoms of both, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma are somewhat similar, these two are definitely not the same diseases and require proper diagnosis and medication each.  The symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and short breath are same as those of Asthma, they are not instantly triggered by the allergens.

Myth # 3: Exercise Would Worsen the Symptoms

Many people think that exercising would worsen the symptoms of COPD by increasing fits of cough and shortness of breath. In Actual, regular exercise regimen not only keeps the patients’ health intact, it also provides greater tolerance level for prolonged physical activity in day to day course of life. Exercise also helps a person build immunity towards different infections prevalent in the environment.

Myth #4: The Only Symptom is Shortness of Breath

It is in many cases the first symptom but mostly it’s just the beginning and not the sole symptom. COPD patients also suffer from chest tightening, coughing and loud wheezing along with frequently catching cold and being under the attack of pneumonia or flu.

Myth #5: There’s No Cure for COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is not a death sentence, it has its gravity for the patients but that doesn’t mean it is not treatable; it is. However, the damage that has been done to the lungs cannot be reversed; medicines and proper care can avoid worsening of the condition. Oxygen therapy also helps and is commonly used for COPD patients.

Myth # 6: Only Old People Are Diagnosed with COPD

Often people are diagnosed with symptoms of COPD in later stage of their lives, it is not important that that’s the only time they could get COPD. Also, these diagnoses are usually late and not much can be done to reverse the condition to a normal one after the symptoms are apparent.

Myth # 7: COPD Patients Should Opt For Bed rest

This actually works against the health interest of the COPD patient. It is advisable to avoid sitting or lying down most of the time and allow muscles to receive oxygen by not being idle for most of the time which would eventually weaken them.

Medication and care is a crucial step in treatment for COPD, but some people are unable to manage it. The Rx Helper provides COPD assistance to individuals with simple steps to follow so they could lead a healthy life with less financial burden on their shoulders.


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