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Clear Up Grass Pollen Allergies with Prescription Coverage

If you or your child has a grass pollen allergy and requires prescription medication to prevent an allergic reaction, you may find that you cannot afford the cost. Fortunately, The RX Helper has come up with programs to help with prescription coverage in those that have little or no health insurance that covers the cost of prescription medications. Grastek, a grass pollen allergy prescription medication, is offered through The RX Helper at a discounted or covered rate for those enrolled in our patient assistance programs.

What are Grass Pollen Allergies?

Grass pollen allergies are allergic reactions people have to grass. Many people suffer from a grass pollen allergy and are usually affected during the grass pollen season, from early spring to late summer. There are many types of grasses, and in turn, many types of grass pollen allergies. Since there are different types of grasses, people can be allergic to a single strain of grass or have allergies to multiple strands. Grastek is mostly known for preventing the allergy symptoms caused by the main grass pollen allergy, which is known as Timothy but is also known to prevent related grass allergens in most patients. Those with grass pollen allergies will experience symptoms of a runny nose, coughing, and irritated eyes. To find out if you have an allergy to grass pollen, consult your doctor and ask if Grastek is right for you the prevention of these symptoms.

How does Grastek Work?

Grastek is a dissolvable tablet that is placed underneath the tongue once a day during the 12 weeks before a grass season. The medication works by administering a tiny amount of grass pollen into the system daily to raise the body’s tolerance for it. After three years of taking Grastek before the grass season, in the fourth year, the body should be able to sustain itself around the blooming of grasses without showing signs of allergy. Since Grastek is taken before the grass begins to release pollen, it is used to prevent symptoms. This means that Grastek cannot be taken to treat symptoms of a grass allergy after they occur.

Prescription Coverage for Grastek

If you are considering asking your doctor about a prescription for Grastek or you already have a prescription, you may need help paying for the medication. Discounts or even full prescription coverage can be attained if you are eligible to enroll into the patient assistance programs provided by The RX Helper. Because of the rising costs of medications, The RX Helper knows that millions of Americans are struggling to pay for the cost of their medication. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to pass our savings onto our customers who qualify. To be eligible, you must reside within the limits of the program’s regulations, which can be found on our website. Additionally, enrolling is as easy as filling out the free application form on our website to get started. If you have any questions or comments about our service, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone at 888-233-4303.

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