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Paying for Needed Oral Birth Control without Insurance

Preventing pregnancy is not the only reason that patients choose to get an oral birth control contraceptive. Birth control in a pill form was approved for use in 1960, so for over half a century, it has been tweaked to perform safely, effectively, and flexibly. Some women find that taking birth control lessens menstrual cramps while others find it to clear up facial acne. Each brand of oral contraceptive is different, but Natazia is a kind all its own. Natazia is the only FDA approved oral birth control contraceptive that works to lighten heavy periods of women who bleed high amounts during their monthly menstrual cycles, along with preventing pregnancy effectively.

Who is Natazia For?

Natazia is approved for women who experience heavier than normal periods. If you think that you experience heavy menstrual cycles, ask your doctor if Natazia is right for you. Your annual gynecological visit may only be once a year, so take advantage of asking your doctor about all of your contraceptive options, including one that could help to make life more manageable like Natazia. For women with heavy periods due to a condition of the uterus, like polyps or fibroids, Natazia may not be the right option. Again, talk to your doctor about which method of birth control is best for you; he/she will choose the option that is best suited for your health.

Who Should Not take Natazia?

Women who are smokers and over the age of 35 should not take Natazia. This is because taking oral birth control contraceptives increases the risk for health issues like blood clots in smokers. Blood clots can lead to heart failure and stroke, so if you wish to take birth control, you shouldn’t smoke. Women that have heart problems, have had a stroke, had or have cancer, or may be pregnant should also not take Natazia. Additionally, Natazia should not be prescribed for women who have heavy periods due to a medical condition of the uterus.

Common Side Effects of Natazia Include:

  •      Sore breasts
  •      Acne
  •      Mood swings
  •      Spotting
  •      Nausea
  •      Headache
  •      Weight gain

Taking Natazia: An Oral Birth Control Pill

Taking Natazia is as simple as swallowing the pill at the same time daily. Most women either take the pill as soon as they get up or when they lay down to go to sleep at night. Setting an alarm can be a helpful reminder of when to take your pill. A major concern for may women is that they will forget to take their pill on some days. This is okay, as there are detailed instructions on what to do if that were to ever happen. Most of the time you can just take the pill that you missed and you still don’t need any other form of contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. Preventing pregnancy and reducing the aggravation of a heavy period can be done with one pill every day!

Paying for Oral Birth Control

If you have a prescription for Natazia or you are considering asking your doctor for a prescription, The RX Helper may be able to help with your prescription costs. It can be challenging to find affordable birth control if you have little or no prescription insurance. Millions of Americans are still left without affordable health insurance plans, and with the new government officials elected in 2017, it is looking as if millions more will be left without health insurance once the Affordable Care Act is dismantled. If you are one of the Americans still left without insurance or left to pay high deductibles for a plan, we may be able to help. For those eligible, we provide prescription discounts through a number of different patient assistance programs offered by multiple medicinal companies nationwide. If you are approved, you will pay a small monthly fee to have your medications largely discounted or even completely covered through our service. Find out if you are eligible for the program by reviewing the guidelines on our website. No matter how many prescription medications you are prescribed, we can help you with them once approved. Fill out the application right from our website, it’s free to do so! If you find yourself with any questions about the medications that we provide or our service, please call us today so that we can help you at 877-767-3297.

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