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Millions and millions of Americans are living with eczema right now. It impacts people of all ages and races. Even though this skin issue is prevalent, a lot of people have very little information about it. Eczema can cause issues that might be controlled with an eczema treatment prescription. It can definitely be treated. But, it’s best to have some knowledge about it before choosing a method of treatment.

What Exactly is Eczema?

Actually, eczema is not just one condition. It’s a word that’s used to describe several different types of skin conditions. Eczema causes inflammation in the skin. There are lots of different kinds of eczema,ofut a few examples are:

Atopic Dermatitis: This form of eczema commonly impacts people who suffer from asthma. If a person has a family history of asthma or eczema (or both), he or she might develop atopic dermatitis. People can develop it at any age. But, usually, this kind of eczema begins in infants or children. Atopic dermatitis normally affects the hands, feet, and face. It can also be seen on the inner elbows and on the backs of the knees. There are a couple of things that irritate the skin and cause flare ups. Certain soaps and chemicals can do this. Also, since it coexists with asthma, it can be irritated by asthmatic triggers.

Stasis Dermatits: When people have veins in the lower legs that don’t properly work, it can cause stasis dermatitis. Those veins usually bring blood to the heart. But, when they don’t do this, it can cause eczema that shows itself through crusting and weeping in the skin. After a while, those spots will turn into brownish colored “stains” on the person’s skin.

Contact Dermatitis: This kind of eczema actually comes in two different forms. It may either be irritant contact dermatitis or allergy contact dermatitis. It’s usually caused by constant hand washing, skin damage, or some other irritation. Other causes might include cosmetics or poison ivy. Usually, people who have contact dermatitis will see its effects on their hands.

Neurodermatitis: It usually starts on an area of skin that is dry and itchy. People who experience this will probably feel the urge to scratch this patch of skin. But, scratching only worsens the condition of that area, making it even itchier. As this happens, the skin on that spot will start to become wrinkly and leathery. This kind of eczema doesn’t normally spread. But it can be really irritating. You would normally see this problem on the neck, thigh, ankle, scalp, back, genitals, or wrists. It could even appear inside of your ears.

Nummular Dermatitis: People aren’t exactly sure what causes this type of eczema. But, the times when people are most likely to be impacted by it are definitely known. People usually feel the effects of nummular dermatitis when the air is cold and dry. Also, certain chemicals and metals can cause a flare up. it affects more men than women. Nummular dermatitis is normally in the form of red spots. It affects areas like the legs, hips, and lower back. If you have this type of eczema, you might also see those red spots on the backs of your hands and on your forearms.

Finding an Eczema Treatment Prescription

Since there are several types of eczema, there is more than one kind of eczema treatment prescription. Your doctor or dermatologist will need to provide you with the best kind to treat your specific case. For some people, it may be a skin cream or moisturizer. For others, an eczema treatment prescription may come in the form of pills. You need to discuss the best option for you with a medical professional that you trust.

Letting The RX Helper Help You

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