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How Can I Get Medication Assistance for my PAH Prescription?

For those with PAH, taking medication is a daily occurrence. But, for those who can’t pay for their PAH prescriptions, treatment is restricted and health issues are bound to arise. The high cost of prescriptions is affecting millions of Americans yearly, and this year is predicted to be no different. To help, medication assistance programs have been developed to help the Americans that have little or no prescription insurance. If you are one of these many Americans, The RX Helper can provide you with medication assistance for your PAH prescription.

What is PAH?

PAH, or pulmonary arterial hypertension, is high blood pressure specifically located in the arteries located in the lungs. The lungs contain arteries that are imperative to the function of the heart. PAH destroys the lining of these arteries, affecting the amount of blood that is carried from the heart to the lungs. It is necessary that blood reaches the lungs so that oxygen can be dispersed to the rest of the body by way of cells in the blood. When the blood does not get enough oxygen, a person reports in experiencing symptoms of PAH. The symptoms of PAH may include:

  •      Dizziness and shortness of breath from even walking short distances
  •      Swelling of the area around the neck and face due to excess fluids
  •      Coughing that may include blood
  •      Passing out or fainting due to lack of oxygen being carried to the brain
  •      Changes in voice caused by pressure on the nerves located in the lungs that can affect voice due to blood pressure.

How Does Someone Get PAH?

PAH is generally hereditary, but there are some other factors that may increase a person’s chance of developing PAH. These include heart diseases, mutations of certain genes, HIV, illicit drugs or other chemicals, the disease of the liver, and some diseases that affect the connective tissues. Each of these factors represents a different characterization of PAH and the factor of how you have contracted the disease will depend on the method of treatment. Diagnosis of PAH will result in tests performed by a doctor which may include a walking examination, blood tests, x-rays, and a pulmonary function examination. If you think that you may be struggling with the symptoms of PAH, ask your doctor to perform these tests so that you can be sure. If you receive a diagnosis of PAH there are treatment opportunities through Tyvaso, an inhalant medication that helps to relieve the symptoms of PAH.

What is Tyvaso?

Tyvaso is a medication that mimics what people with PAH are lacking, prostacyclin. Prostacyclin works by enabling the body and lungs to breathe normally. Tyvaso uses its imitation of Prostacyclin to help the arteries of the lungs to open up so that blood can flow more freely throughout the rest of the body. Tyvaso is proven to help patients live easier by opening up airways during walking or performing daily tasks that may have been compromised before treatment.

Medication Assistance for Tyvaso

If your doctor diagnoses you with PAH, ask about your option to take Tyvaso to help with PAH symptoms. If your doctor does give you a prescription, you may find it difficult to pay for. Not to worry, there are over 700 patient medication assistance programs that are designed to help people in your exact situation. The RX Helper works to find these programs that fit your profile, medical history, and prescription medications. Once these programs are identified, we provide you discounts and may even cover the cost of your medications completely for just a small monthly fee for our services. We provide discounts for a number of medications including Tyvaso for a number of different medical issues. To check out the list of medications we cover or discount, view our website. There are no limits to a number of prescriptions we can help you with!

There are a few rules and regulations that should be looked over before applying. Those who apply must be U.S citizens, over the age of 18, have little or no prescription coverage, and have an income within the desired annual amount. If you fit this profile, you can apply for our services online! Just have your identification and prescriptions handy so that we can get you set up right away! If you have any questions about our medications or services, please give us a shout at 888-233-4303.

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