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Help With Medication for Immune Deficiency Diseases

Studies are now showing that over half a million people in the United States are affected by Primary Immunodeficiency diseases. This means that over half a million people have to pay for medication that makes their immune system function properly, something as vital as being able to breathe. Since there are so many people struggling to afford medications for immune system deficiency diseases, The RX Helper has come up with a way to receive prescription discounts by utilizing patient assistance programs.

What are Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases?

Primary Immunodeficiency, or PI, is the term for over 300 different diseases that all relate to how the body’s immune system functions. The immune system is responsible for fighting off infections that could otherwise destroy the body. For those that have immune deficiency diseases, an infection can affect anywhere in the body and can be extremely difficult to heal from. PIs are commonly misinterpreted for an autoimmune disorder, like diabetes, or a secondary immunodeficiency, like AIDS, but they are much different. PIs cannot be transmitted from another person because they are not contagious like secondary immunodeficiencies. Additionally, PIs do not attack the body’s systems like autoimmune disorders do. Instead, with PIs, the body’s immune system is missing a component or simply does not do its job the way that it is supposed to. PIs are inherited genetically so they are passed down from ancestors in the family tree. Types of PIs include:

  •      Common Variable Immune Deficiency
  •      X-linked Agammaglobulinemia
  •      Severe Combined Immune Deficiency
  •      IgA Deficiency

Symptoms of Immune Deficiency Diseases

It can take many years to diagnose immune deficiency diseases because the symptoms are different with each type of PI. But, with all PIs, the most evident symptom is the inability of the body to handle infection. Since the average healthy individual can get sick frequently, for some people with a PI, it can be hard to tell if there is really a problem until a proper diagnosis can be made. To see if you have a PI, ask your doctor to take a sample of your blood so that antibodies and white blood cells can be counted. A PI can affect individuals at any age, and it can even slowly form over time, so be sure to address your concerns with your primary physician.

Treatment for Immune Deficiency Diseases

Once you have been diagnosed with a PI, your doctor has a few options in choosing a medication that may help your immune system to better fight off infections so that you do not get sick frequently. One of those options treats a number of different PIs, Hyqvia. This medication is a once-a-month infusion that provides an alternative to getting treated at your doctor’s office because it can be administered at home with the guidance of your doctor. If you are more comfortable with doctor administration, it can also be administered in office. The infusion takes less than 3 hour’s time and is only one needle, as opposed to many injections and administrations monthly with alternative forms of treatment.

What Does Hyqvia Do to Treat Immune Deficiency Diseases?

Individuals with a PI suffer from a low amount of antibodies that fight off infection. Healthy people donate plasma that contains antibodies so that they can be used in Hyqvia prescription medications. Along with the antibodies, or IG, Hyqvia also contains an active ingredient, hyaluronidase, that helps to spread the IG throughout the body so that it can be used anywhere. Because both medications are administered through the same needle, Hyqvia only needs to be one infusion once a month.

Paying for Hyqvia

If you have a prescription for Hyqvia and you have found it challenging to pay for its price, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are struggling to pay for their prescription medications on account of the skyrocketing prices large pharmaceutical companies are charging for their medications. The RX Helper has come up with a way to get around these high fees by cutting out the middleman and passing savings along to customers by utilizing patient assistance programs. These programs provide discounts for those who qualify and even completely cover the costs of some medications for some patients. To find out if you qualify for the over 700 patient assistance programs used by The RX Helper, check out our website for guidelines and restrictions. If you would like to talk to one of our customer service reps that can talk you through the enrollment process, please call us today at 877-767-3297. Or, if you have a different prescription and wish to see if we provide a discount for what you need, browse our list of medications discounted through our patient assistance programs.

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