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Helping Patients Pay for their HT-1 Prescription Medication

Every day, many Americans are left skipping prescription treatments or completely forgoing their required daily medications completely as a result of the ever-increasing prescription medication prices. Fortunately, many prescription manufacturers and non-profit organizations understand the need for these Americans to be able to afford and take their medications, which is why they’ve come up with programs to help individuals unable to afford treatments. These programs are referred to as patient assistance programs, and there are over 700 nationwide that each offer discounts of coverage for thousands of different prescription medications. The RX Helper works to utilize these programs by matching them to patients with respective prescriptions so that patients who need help paying for prescriptions can afford them for a small monthly fee. If you are one of the many individuals struggling to pay the high cost of their HT-1 medication, we may be able to help you with discounts or coverage provided by patient assistance programs.

What is HT-1?

HT-1, or Tyrosinemia Type 1, is an illness that is passed on genetically. To be at risk, both parents of an individual must be carriers of HT-1. Although it is rare to meet a patient diagnosed with the disease, it is possible to treat it and manage its symptoms. Those diagnosed with HT-1 have bodies that lack a specific enzyme attributed to breaking down an amino acid called Tyrosine. This amino acid is found in the food that we eat and is used by the body to make protein. A body that cannot break down tyrosine will have high levels of it in the bloodstream, which can lead to an unhealthy chemical mixture that is known for negative side effects like kidney, liver, and central nervous system damage. Fortunately, with treatment, tyrosine levels can be reduced and managed so no further damage occurs.

Diagnosis and Treatment of HT-1

Most commonly, individuals are diagnosed with HT-1 upon their arrival on this earth. Immediately after birth, newborn children are screened for a number of diseases and disorders, including HT-1. If it is determined that a child has HT-1 upon conducting these screenings, treatment commences immediately to reduce the risk of damaging side effects. If the disease is not diagnosed upon birth, the child can start to develop symptoms of the disorder within the first month of life. Although symptoms are usually inward and difficult to recognize for parents, an affected infant may experience symptoms including:

  • The inability to put on healthy weight numbers
  • Bruising easily
  • Jaundice
  • Agitation
  • Nose bleeds
  • Enlarged liver and a swollen abdomen
  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Successful Treatment for HT-1

Fortunately, birthing screenings allow many children to treat this disease before symptoms even start to appear. This gives children diagnosed with HT-1 a reduced risk of developing liver disease and other related health issues. Orfadin is an FDA approved treatment for HT-1 that goes hand in hand with a diet that does not contain the amino acid Tyrosine. In clinical trials, children who were diagnosed with HT-1 that used both Orfadin and dietary restrictive diets had a 94% survival rate after four years, compared to a mere 60% of those who utilized a dietary restrictive diet alone.

Before the days of Orfadin, the best chance children diagnosed with this disease had was dietary restrictions and an unlikely, invasive, and expensive liver transplant. Now, with this new treatment, children can live happy, healthy lives with a fully functioning liver. Orfadin is taken once a day in the form of an oral suspension. If desired, it may be mixed in with water or soft foods for easier application with small children.

Financial Help Paying for HT-1

Does your child require a prescription for Orfadin based on a diagnosis of HT-1? If you find yourself unable to pay the high costs of this medication, The RX Helper may be able to assist you. We help many people who would otherwise not be able to afford their medications do so through our services. Qualified individuals are American citizens, over the age of 18, have an annual income within the federal standards of poverty according to family size, and have little to no prescription health insurance coverage. Want to start saving money on your Orfadin prescription? See if you’re qualified by looking at the helpful information offered on our website. Have any questions about our services? Give us a call to speak with an experienced staff member at 877-767-3297.

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