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With 28.9 million people in the U.S. being uninsured and lacking access to essential healthcare and medication, including prescription drugs, there’s a major problem that’s going unaddressed in our broken healthcare system. Despite goodwill and attempts to make medication and lifesaving drugs more affordable, there are miles to go.

To help bridge the economic, social, and other gaps, including the unique challenges faced by elderly folk, companies like ours offer prescription assistance programs that help you get regular, safe access to the drugs you need.

Here’s a breakdown of how they work:

You get enrolled with our company for a fixed fee

We charge a small service fee a month to help you obtain discounted, generic-brand, and often free medications that wouldn’t otherwise be covered by your insurance programs.


The enrollment fee ensures that you receive your prescription alternatives on time, and there’s no need to pay full price for otherwise incredibly expensive medication or forgoing it altogether because your insurance company doesn’t cover it.


Once you’re enrolled, it’s smooth sailing because we handle the logistics, and that’s why our prescription assistance program is perfect for seniors, employees, and under or uninsured individuals.

A person holds up a palm-full of pills that are necessary for their health.

Your healthcare provider makes a recommendation

Sometimes, a healthcare provider like a physician or specialist may refer you to us. We work with doctors, hospitals, insurance agents, and other stakeholders to help deliver products to you. You can get in touch with your doctor or contact us directly to help you sort it all out.


We help you acquire all necessary medication

If you meet certain criteria, including holding U.S. citizenship or are a permanent resident, have little or no coverage, and have a certain income below the Federal poverty line, you meet most criteria for qualification. We can help you manage and sort out your prescriptions through our services.




Prescription assistance programs like ours are vital to making healthcare and medication more accessible to people without insurance or low insurance, as well as those without adequate coverage.


We help you acquire and receive various necessary drugs and medications that need prescriptions and approval from your insurance agents. We also offer free medication programs and other advantages that you can learn about here. Reach out to us for more details.

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