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Overcoming Harmful Myths with these Medication Facts

There are many myths surrounding prescription medication which can end up bringing about dangerous consequences. It’s important to debunk myths with medication facts so that individuals are aware of these consequences. And, so that medication will be taken as intended so that individuals can get the treatment they need.

You Shouldn’t Ever Take More Pills Than Directed

There is a reason your doctor told you to take as many pills or injections as he/she said. There can be fatal consequences of taking more medication than prescribed. Your doctor doesn’t just guess at your medication dosage. It’s calculated based on your needs, pharmaceutical manufacturing company dosing calculations, your medical history, and much more. Taking more medication than prescribed can result in adverse reactions, agitating or even life-threatening side effects, and even overdose death.

You Should Take Prescribed Medication Even if You’re Feeling Better

It’s easy to assume that once you start feeling better, you don’t have to take your medication. But, it’s vital that you finish all the medications your doctor prescribed. Stopping the course of your medication can actually cause you to get even iller. While it may seem like you’re getting better, there may still be active bacteria which can grow in the absence of your needed medication.

Prescription Medications are Safer than Supplement Alternatives

Many may falsely believe that natural supplements are safer than prescriptions. You may read over the counter supplement labels which boast their “all natural” components which are “safer” than their prescription alternatives. But, this isn’t always the case. Natural supplements are deemed as such because they’ve been rejected by the Food and Drug Administration, the government organization responsible for managing the list of available prescription medications in our nation. Not only does the FDA regulate medications, but they perform research which determines medication effectiveness. So, if a natural supplement was deemed neither safe nor effective by the FDA, how can they be more so than prescription medications?

It Matters How You Take Your Medication

It’s common that individuals think that it doesn’t matter how you take medication as long as you take it. But, the administration is actually important for a few reasons. Firstly, not using water to swallow pills can cause the medication to dissolve in the esophagus rather than the stomach. This may present further medical issues and/or pain. Also, some people like to mix powder of a tablet to drink, which could also cause further medical issues. Finally, it’s common to assume that you can wash pills down with any liquid. But, some liquids can interfere with medications–especially alcohol. To be safe, you should take your medications with water.

You Shouldn’t Store Your Medications in the Bathroom

One of the lesser known medication facts is that prescriptions shouldn’t be stored in damp environments like your bathroom or kitchen. While it may seem like storing medications in your bathroom, where you conduct other daily routines, will best help you to remember to take them, they could get damaged by the damp environment. Each medication has specific instructions available for dosing, administration, and storage. Make sure you abide by all of them, which could include storing your medication in a dry place.

More Medication Facts: There is Financial Help Available for Prescription Medications

You might think that because you have little or no medical insurance which covers prescriptions, you’re out of luck financially. But, patient assistance programs have been set into place by organizations all over the country to help people just like you! Here at The RX Helper, we utilize these programs to offer a service which may help you pay for some, most, or even all of your prescription medications! Want to find out if you qualify? Give us a call today to speak with an experienced representative about how you can save money on your prescription medications at 877-767-3297.

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