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Is Your Environment Making Your Asthma Worse

In March 2016, the Center for Disease Control reported about 1 in every 14 people is suffering from asthma. The same report showed that as of March, there were 24 million Americans who have asthma. That makes about 7.4% of the adult population. The statistics are daunting. Your Environment Making Your Asthma Worse?

It is common knowledge that asthma can be triggered by several stimulants. Most of these are present within the environment we live in. While these stimulants may affect different people on different levels, there are certain things that make asthma worse for all asthma patients.


Exercise is essential for a healthy life, and shouldn’t be avoided. However, it is also found to be the most common trigger for asthma attacks. Rigorous physical activity can prove dire for most asthma patients. How to deal with that? Pre-treatment medication can help you exercise without triggering your asthma symptoms. Do not self medicate. Discuss the possibility with your physician and let them devise a plan for you.

The Drive with Windows Down

It’s a nice, pleasant day in your city, and you want to keep the windows down while driving – bad idea! Keeping the windows down can be an open invitation for pollens and allergens to enter your respiratory system causing your asthma symptoms to kick into action and quickly get out of your hand. Chilly winter winds are no good either. They will dry up your respiratory tract and cause bronchial spasm that can worsen your condition in no time.

The Weather

If you have been an asthma patient for long, you might have been able to conclude by now that there is no weather condition that primarily suits you. However, while most of the weather conditions are bearable, others like strong winds, extreme cold or extreme hot temperatures, and oscillating humidity levels can be more harmful.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers? Aren’t they supposed to make the air around you healthier? Yes they are, but they are effective only as long as they are placed at a place that is exposed to irritants like animal dander, dust particles, or smoke. Place your air purifiers in a place that is central to your surroundings, gets the most traffic, and has continuous air flows. Also make it a point to change the purifier’s filters regularly.

Allergens and Irritants

The most common irritants that enter your system through the air you breathe include smoke, strong perfumes, aerosol sprays, air pollution, and dust. These substances are present all around us, and can irritable doe the sensitive airways of an asthma patient.

Allergens that are known to make asthma symptoms worse include pollens, food, animal dander, dust mites, molds, and chemicals. Asthma patients are prone to allergies! Anything that causes allergies for you should be avoided. Make changes to your environment accordingly, to prevent your asthma attacks.

Stop taking asthma lightly. Visit your doctor regularly to make sure your condition is under control. If you do not have sufficient medical insurance to cover your treatment, you can acquire financial assistance for asthma treatment provided by The Rx Helper.

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