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Discounts for Chronic Migraine Relief Medications

Migraines are not just a headache. They are a painful and sometimes chronic condition that affect the daily lives of those who experience them. For those that experience chronic migraines, treatment is suggested to manage symptoms. Chronic migraine relief is usually prescribed, but for many, these prescribed medications cost more than is affordable. The RX Helper works to provide discounts through prescription assistance programs for individuals who find that they are unable to afford their prescription medications due to lack of health insurance coverage.

What are Migraines?

A migraine is an intensely painful headache. The pain from migraines can usually be pinpointed, coming from a specific area of the head. Compared to a common headache, migraines are more painful and last for longer periods of time. The symptoms of a migraine include nausea, vomiting, responsiveness to light and sound, and pain on one side of the head. Along with symptoms, about 25% of individuals who experience migraines also experience what is known as an aura. A migraine aura is a precursor to a developing migraine. Someone experiencing a migraine aura may hear ringing in their ears, feel lightheaded and confused, and see lines or lose some of their vision. Unlike a common headache, migraines can last several hours and even days for those who seek chronic migraine relief.

What Causes a Migraine?

Although migraines have been affecting human beings for centuries, we still are not completely sure their cause. Some research has proven that chronic migraines can be a condition that is passed down genetically, but the original cause is still unknown. We may not know why humans have migraines, but we do know what is a potential trigger to bring them on. Potential triggers that may develop migraines include:

  • Citrus, chocolate, and cheese
  • Drugs like tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine
  • Skipping meals
  • Changed sleep patterns
  • Hormonal imbalances

Not everyone that experiences chronic migraines have the same triggers. Some people find that if they identify which triggers lead to developing their migraines, they can work to eliminate those factors from their lives and find themselves to experience fewer migraines.

Living with Migraines

Since migraines can affect an individual who experiences them out of nowhere, it is important for those who live with chronic migraines to prepare for them. This means letting family members, friends, coworkers, teachers, and bosses know about the condition. This way, everyone is knowledgeable(and empathetic) about your condition and preparations can be made if you suddenly have a migraine and cannot attend a function, class, or work. Additionally, talk to your physician about chronic migraine relief they can prescribe you with to manage the symptoms of migraines you may experience in the future.

Chronic Migraine Relief with Axert

Axert is a prescription medication that your doctor can prescribe you with for chronic migraine relief. This medication is an oral tablet that can be taken as soon as the symptoms of migraines occur. In clinical studies, most individuals experienced chronic migraine relief within the first two hours of taking the medication. The active ingredient in Axert is called triptan, which is a medication used in treating both acute migraines and cluster headaches. For a prescription for Axert, ask your doctor if you would benefit from chronic migraine relief medication.

Paying for Chronic Migraine Relief Prescriptions

If you are thinking of asking your doctor about a prescription for Axert, or you already have your prescription, you may find it challenging to pay for the medication. For those with little or no health insurance that helps with prescription costs, the rising costs of prescriptions make it nearly impossible to get treatment. The RX Helper helps people in these situations to afford their prescriptions through prescription assistance programs. These programs can cover or discount hundreds of different prescription medications, so no matter how many prescriptions you have, we may be able to help with all. Find out if we cover your prescription or if we can help you pay for your chronic migraine relief medication, Axert, by visiting our website or calling 877-767-3297.

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