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Battling the High Costs of Cystic Fibrosis EPI Treatment

EPI, or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, is a disease that affects individuals who have a pancreas that does not create enough enzymes to properly digest the food in the stomach. Because of this, the intestines aren’t able to get as many nutrients as they should. This results in a few aggravating symptoms that can affect the wellbeing of a person diagnosed with EPI. Some individuals develop EPI as a result of cystic fibrosis, another debilitating disease. For those affected simultaneously by both diseases, an EPI treatment was developed called Pertzye that helps the digestive system function the way that it should. Because EPI treatment can be expensive and many Americans are left foregoing treatment altogether as a result, The RX Helper has developed a solution through patient assistance programs.

EPI and Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a disease that affects the mucous that is naturally produced in the lungs to coat them with a protective layer. In diagnosed CF patients, this mucus becomes thick, sticky, and produced in too large of amounts. This mucus starts to bring problems in the lung as it prevents functional breathing and can mimic a web to catch bacteria that can lead to infection. When swallowed, the mucus can clog up digestive organs such as the pancreas that is credited for developing digestive enzymes that break down food to turn into nutrients the body needs to run effectively. This lack of digestive enzymes in the pancreas leads to symptoms of EPI.

Symptoms of EPI in CF Patients

Because individuals with EPI can’t produce enough pancreatic enzymes to allow the intestinal system to digest nutrients needed for nourishment, they may have trouble gaining weight or growing they way they would normally. Other symptoms of EPI in CF patients include bloating, abdominal cramping, and frequent loose bowel movements.

EPI Treatment for CF Patients

Fortunately, there is an EPI treatment that works well for people also suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Pertzye is an EPI treatment in pill form that contains pancreatic enzymes that individuals with EPI neglect to produce so that they can properly digest their food. These enzymes (lipase, amylase, protease, and bicarbonate) are actually derived from the pancreas of a pig and have been effective in helping patients diagnosed with both diseases in clinical trials. The enzymes are contained inside tiny time-release coated microbeads in the capsule and are designed to be released once they reach the duodenum so that they can be properly utilized by the intestines.

Side Effects of Pertzye EPI Treatment

Common side effects of this EPI treatment include diarrhea, upset stomach, an increase of blood acidic levels, cough, rash, allergic reaction, and joint pain. Tell your doctor of any allergies that you may have, especially an allergy to pork. Pertzye may increase your chance to develop the bowel disorder fibrosing colonopathy. To reduce the risk, if your doctor decides to prescribe you with Pertzye make sure that you follow dosing directions impeccably. Tell your doctor if you experience any symptoms when taking Pertzye so that dosing can be adjusted.

Getting Help Paying for EPI Treatment

Are you suffering from both CF and EPI? If your doctor has prescribed you with Pertzye or another medication listed on our website, The RX Helper may be able to help. With the use of over 700 patient assistance programs developed by nonprofit organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers that provide discounts on certain prescription medications, we work to find the best solution to discount your medications. Whether you have only one prescription or multiple, if you qualify we can discount your medications or may be able to cover them completely. To apply, the application is easily done for free on our website. However, there are a few enrollment qualifications including being a United States citizen, having little to no prescription medication insurance coverage, and being over the age of 18. If you meet all of these qualifications, feel free to fill out an application or call us with any questions that you may have at 877-767-3297. You don’t have to forego your EPI treatment any longer! Let the RX Helper get you a monthly medication payment that you can afford so that you can get the medication that you need to live a life of well-being!

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