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What Causes Chronic Headaches? 5 Reasons You May be Suffering

If you deal with regular headaches, you know the pain and frustration they can bring to everyday life. But, what causes chronic headaches in those that experience them? Often times, getting to the root of what causes chronic headaches can help our doctors provide us with the best treatment method available. So, find out what causes your chronic headaches so that you can get the treatment and symptom relief you need to go about daily life!

The Most Common Types of Chronic Headaches

Sometimes, understanding what kind of headaches you’re experiencing can help to determine what causes chronic headaches. The most commonly experienced types of chronic headaches include:

Migraine Headaches: Here in the U.S., it’s reported that over 3 million people experience chronic migraine headaches. These headaches are described as extremely painful and long-lasting (can last for days). Symptoms of migraine headaches can include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and noise, throbbing, impaired vision, weakness, and loss of appetite.

Tension Headaches: These headaches are the most commonly reported type of headache. Usually, they offer dull, constant pain on or near the temples of the head. But, experienced pain is not as intense as a migraine headache may be.

Sinus Headaches: These headaches are caused by increased inflammation of the sinuses. So, experienced pain is located around the sinuses on the forehead, nose, and cheekbones. Because these headaches are caused by sinus issues, other sinus symptoms may be present like a runny nose.

What Causes Chronic Headaches?

Now that you know and understand the types of headaches, it’s time to explore what causes chronic headaches. Common causes of chronic headaches may include:

Stress: Life can be stressful. But, for those who experience stress on a daily basis, stress can lead to a number of side effects. Stress can cause the body’s muscles to stiffen which can put pressure on the nerves, resulting in chronic headaches. Stress is one of the most common causes of tension headaches.

Dehydration: Without the right amount of water your body needs, you could experience headaches. Meninges are layers of thin tissue which help to cushion both the spinal cord and brain. When the body isn’t hydrated as it should be, these meninges constrict, resulting in stimulation of nerves which respond by sending signals of pain and headache.

Malnutrition: Have you ever skipped a meal and it resulted in a headache? When the body isn’t fed when hungry, your blood sugar levels can drop. When this happens, your blood pressure increases. And, you’re likely to experience side effects of this including headaches. Many of the chronic headaches individuals experience are due to a lack of eating and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Hormones: It’s often that women who experience chronic headaches do so during ovulation, menstruation, or menopause. During these stages, the body has increased hormonal production which can result in agitating symptoms like headaches.

Deficiencies: A lack of vitamin D or magnesium have been reported to provide symptoms of chronic headaches. Eating and drinking nourishment which contains both of these vitamins can help those with deficiencies to ward off chronic headaches.

Paying for Chronic Headache Relief

If educating yourself on the types and causes of chronic headaches, identifying the types of headaches you may be experiencing, and making lifestyle changes haven’t helped reduce the number of headaches you experience, it’s time to see a doctor. Only a physician can diagnose you with chronic migraines or tell you what causes chronic headaches in your life accurately. And, fortunately, there are prescription treatments which may reduce the number of chronic headaches and symptoms you occur.

If you find yourself struggling to pay for a prescription medication to help with your chronic headaches, The RX Helper may be able to assist you in paying for your treatments. To find out if you qualify, contact us on our website today!

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