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One of the most important meals of the day cannot be ignored for all the nourishment and health benefits it contains. And for someone suffering from diabetes, it becomes more important to watch out for the diet and stay well fed and hydrated to maintain the glucose levels in the body.  Managing diabetes takes into serious consideration the importance of breakfast and managing blood sugar levels with the healthy amount of first meal of the day. Also it is studied that people who skip their breakfast on a regular bases have high risks of developing diabetes than those who religiously eat it.

There are several common benefits of breakfast that one can simply not ignore. Some of the most common benefits include:

It’s easy to lose weight and keep it off with the help of a healthy first meal of the day rich with essential nutrients needed by the body to maintain a sound system.

People who regularly take breakfast are less likely to have higher levels of bad cholesterol in their body.

Mood lifting is also an important contribution breakfast has towards human body.

Individuals who regularly eat breakfast tend to meet their fiber goals throughout the day.

Patients are less likely to suffer from hypoglycemia if they take insulin in the morning, for the essential glucose levels managed by the breakfast.


What to Eat in the Morning?

On one hand it is important for diabetic patients to eat healthy amounts, it is also important to keep into consideration their glucose levels and adjust food items accordingly thus not disrupting the diet plans. Here are a few examples of ideas for breakfast for diabetics.

1.     Protein

Adding protein is important for any person, in their diet- and for a diabetic patient it gets more vital. Food that is rich in proteins help the diabetic people to control their urges for food every now and then, and also stabilizes their blood sugar levels. Lean protein helps in maintaining lean body mass which keeps the weight controlled too. Food items such as Greek yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese (low on fat) and bacon can be good ideas for breakfast.

2.     Fat

It is often perceived that fat is detrimental to the health of diabetics which is accurate too but a managed amount of healthy fat is necessary requirement of the body as well. Nuts, seeds and avocados are great examples of fatty foods for breakfast that are beneficial for the health.

3.     Whole Grain cereals

Whole grain is better than refined one, thus whole grain cereals and whole wheat bread/ waffles and tortillas are better than white bread etc. Whole grains are a great breakfast for diabetics.

4.     Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are highly essential for the diet of a diabetic patient. Fresh fruit is one of the greatest options for healthy breakfast and also as a snack for the diabetic patients. Vegetables smoothies could also be an option.

It is important, when breakfast is considered, to take care of the nutrition requirements of a diabetic patient and so are the medicines and insulin that has to be taken into consideration without fail. It often becomes difficult to manage expensive medical treatments along with healthy lifestyle. The Rx Helper provides patients with assistance to medications; it’s a prescription assistance program that facilitates medication needs in easy steps and makes it an easy task for the patients.


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