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The Rx financial assistance program assists those who are uninsured or with a limited insurance policy to have access to prescription drugs in America. It aids individuals to get medications at a subsidized cost. Some even get free drugs such as free inhalers.

This program links patient support groups, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, community groups and other health care provides. It assists patients without a cover for medication to obtain them through affordable public or private programs. These programs work through registering entitled individuals. There are a number of popular programs in the market.

They assist patients to acquire quality drugs for various ailments. They want to ensure that those who need drugs and vaccines get them. There are organizations that offer free drugs and vaccines to those who do not have insurance and cannot afford medication. It is a patient assistance program that puts the needs of the patient first.

These organizations are contributors to the partnership for prescriptions assistance. The Merck Patient Assistance Programs, for instance, are free to patients who qualify. Even the enrollment forms are free.

Inhaler Assistance

The Federal Government regulates drugs that should be in the market. There is a shift from use of chlorofluorocarbons inhalers to use of hydrofluoroalkanes. CFCs are not eco-friendly and these are the inhalers that are mostly affordable. They are being scraped off the market and the Food and Drug Administration updates the list of allowable inhalers each time.

Doctors can advise you on the types of inhaler to use from the many sold in the market. The new non-CFC inhalers go for a higher price. There are however many programs that help with paying for these drugs.

A number of drug manufacturers help low income individuals through easing constraints for free medication and low-cost drugs. Physicians and pharmacies also issue coupons for free and subsidized medication.

The Rx inhaler assistance program allows patients to obtain low-cost alternatives to the HFA inhalers, known as the Ventolin HFA. These ones have a retail price of about $9 and are available in a number of areas. The programs provide important financial assistance.

Types of Assistance Programs

  1. a) Prescription Assistance Program

This is a national program that enrolls patients who do not have prescription cover. It helps patients to get the medication for free or at an insignificant cost.

  1. b) Rx Assist

This is a detailed resource that informs individuals about free and affordable prescription drugs. As a user, you can look up medication with the help of your doctor.

  1. c) Needy Meds

This website provides details about how to benefit from generic and brand-name drugs. It directs to drug clinics and free coupons.

  1. d) Asthma Patient Assistance Programs

This website offers 42 drugs to treat asthma. The medication is from different manufacturers. It provides conditions under which the patient is eligible for assistance.

  1. e) Xopenex

This is a website under the management of Sunovion. They have programs for inhalation aerosols and inhalation solution. They allow patients to literally “breathe for less”.

  1. f) Symbicort

This is a website under AZ&Me. This company manufactures Symbicort and helps patient to obtain the medication. They also do not restrict based on age or disability.



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